11 Recommended SEO Services for your Website or Blog

SEO Services basically deal with the on-site and off-site optimization of your website for increased traffic. Read Search Engine Optimization to learn more about SEO or use the search button to find more articles.

Generally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a number of activities but I will just touch briefly on the usefulness of quality SEO Services.

4 Reasons why you should Order quality SEO Services

  1. It will improve credibility of your site.
  2. It increases traffic.
  3. You can easily get found online by prospective clients.
  4. Enhances you site Page Rank (PR) etc.

ORDER your SEO Services from a reliable SEO Company!

My good friend and partner, Joe Oye sent me an interesting email of how well CFAgbata.com is doing online. Check out the image he sent in:

SEO Services

Thanks to our quality SEO Strategy.

My mission today is to share some of the Website SEO Services we use;

1. Keyword Research

I would simply suggest that you do not start a website, blog or business online without doing proper Keyword Research. It is like the foundation of your online house and without it, I doubt if it will survive.

When the research has been done, you should use some of the discovered keywords to write your website’s Title and Description. This is a very critical aspect that an SEO Services company should handle except you understand how keywords work online.

Our blog has what I call “100 Foundation Keywords.”

2. Directory Submission

Submitting your website to directories is a great way to get your business out there. Directory Submission involves submitting your website to sites that are usually more established and have different categories.

Note: Do ensure that you submit to the appropriate category so that your website can stand a chance of being approved and I suggest you open a new gmail account to avoid spam issues.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are not as popular as they used to be but they are still very relevant when it comes to SEO Services.

There are a number of bookmarking sites out there i.e. stumbleupon, reddit that can help your content go viral and attract new visitors.

Note: If you do this properly or allow an SEO Service Company to handle it, you will see some effects in your rankings almost immediately.

4. Article Submission

You don’t need a nuclear scientist to explain how important quality articles are online. If this is clear, the next question will be how to get that article out there?

This is where Article Marketing comes into play. So, Article submission is a process of submitting your articles across various article directories i.e. Ezine Articles

It is important to write your articles with 2 audiences in mind;

i. Your prospective reader
ii. Search engines

That said, your articles should be properly SEO Optimized with a keyword density of between 2 to 4%.

5. Press Release Distribution

Having your Press Release submitted to PR sites is a fantastic way of gaining exposure for your site or blog as well as earning good back links.

Ensure that you target any keyword(s) from your keyword research results and don’t neglect the standard online PR formats.

We used this very frequently to announce any new developments and trust me, it works!

6. Video Marketing

Personally, I am pretty new to using videos but I understand that video maeketing is an integral part of SEO Services that is why I have made a commitment to jump in with both legs.

Video marketing is a highly recommended way to get your products and services out there. It involves you creating a video and having it submitted across various sites like Youtube. Again, you might need to outsource this to professionals. We just finished creating a one minute video of CFAgbata.com 🙂

Note: Do not neglect the keywords and description because they help in boosting your SEO rankings as well as increase traffic to your website.

7. Local Business Listing

This is one of the SEO Services that makes it possible prospective clients around your location to find you easily. With this service you can submit your site to your local directories plus google maps.

8. Classified Ads Submission

This will help get the word about your business out in many ways and can also be a source of backlinks.

9. Search Engine Indexing

It is one thing to publish content and another thing to get it indexed by search engines. The more pages you have indexed, the more you are likely to show up on the SERPs.

10. Blog Submission

Blogs are increasingly becoming popular hence the popularity of this service. This service involves submitting your blogs to directories setup to catalogue blogs online.

Blog submissions is one of the SEO Services that can help in increasing your blog’s popularity.

11. SEO Content Development (Content Writing)

Most of the SEO Services covered above are basically off page SEO but this is the only on page SEO I going to cover briefly because others are much more technical.

This article is an example of SEO content development while I did my best to make you enjoy it, I also targetted the keyword “SEO Services” so that the article can rank well on the SERPs.

So, when writing online it is important to target keywords that are already being searched.


These are some of the SEO Services done for CFAgbata.com every now and then and they are carried out by our well trained, highly ethical SEO Consultants.

I hope I have been able to throw more light on some of the recommended white hat SEO techniques available today.

If any of it sounds strange, then you can leave a comment with your questions or simply hit the contact button and talk to us!

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