eMail Marketing: Does It Work Anymore in the Face of Social Marketing?

I attempted to study what, of recent, has really been the influence of social marketing on email marketing.  This inquiry was necessitated by the pronouncements I have seen much more made regarding social marketing which is now being looked at as the better and more efficient way of reaching and reaping from potential customers than email marketing.

This inference makes email marketing appear as a practice now so tired by effectiveness or being retired by internet marketers. Consequently,  in the general sense, every sales campaign today seems not so good until it goes asocial.

Does email marketing work anymore?

Does marketing by email work anymore because of the seeming higher preference for social marketing? May be, you have asked this question too.

Here is the report of my study on  email marketing  as it sails along with social marketing.  There is no definite angle from where one can say that this channel of marketing is sinking in the face of its social counterpart channel of marketing.  This means that the overpowering impact of the new-on-stage social channel of marketing campaigns on email marketing is only assumed and that it is generally not realizable except by the results of the measure of efforts applied by the marketer who carries out marketing campaigns.

However, one fact was so salient in my study and this is point that, now, social marketing enjoys continunous novelties by rate and by number than email marketing.  What is presupposed for the view that the marketing method  is no more effectively working like before, therefore, is the fact that the attention of online marketing innovators are more today on social marketing than otherwise; they create and place around social marketing more tools and they also provide high number of platforms to manage business socially.

Email marketing still works… Quite well!

Notably, a great number of internet marketers have performed amazingly with email marketing and they continue to achieve more by maximising its uses.  Even as internet marketers diversify into the social channel of marketing, email marketing wouldn’t go away – it will never be abandoned!  One good thing about its promotional power is that many of the effective techniques applicable to it which are being looked upon as old are still quite workable up to date.  One more fact for you about it is that social marketing is never its subtitute. If you hold on to this fact, you will easily see why email marketing will continue to be a good tool for your business.

I am going to leave you with two questions to conclude this quick report.

Wouldn’t it be better to use email marketing and social marketing to your advantage by giving them necessary attention they deserve to earn you the customers you want?

Rather than taking them as competitive, why not use both marketing methods as complements?


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