10 Ways to Leverage Business Growth with your Relationships

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So, you long for Business Growth?

Basically, small business is all about people. But for an entrepreneur, it means a whole lot more than that. This is because by virtue of human nature, people naturally incline more positively to those things that they have some sort of affinity for. It could be cultural, religious, ideological, ethnic etc.

Usually, as an entrepreneur, people don’t have to buy from you. You (and/or your product) are new, untested and unfamiliar.

So, how do you make your sales and experience Business Growth?

Remember, you must either sell, grow or you sink.

This is where your greatest asset comes in – relationships. Start with the people you know – your family, your neighbors, your friends, members of your religious organisation, your study group etc. These are your first customers. Patronize and cultivate them diligently. Leverage their contacts and status for Business Growth.

Business Growth
They are the ones who would probably feel ashamed to turn you down. They may not believe in you initially, but at least they will try your product or service because you are family, a friend etc. You must be able to turn these first set of customers into your loyalist, and then your marketers.

Here are some Business Growth tips:

1. Seize every opportunity you have to talk about your business.

They may have always known you as a different person. But now, let them begin to see you more in light of your business. That way, they start to take you serious. And importantly too, they learn to also take your business seriously as well as you consciously taking your Business Growth seriously.

2. Give free stuff.

Offer trials, free stuffs, anything to give them an idea what you can do or what your product can do for them. But, at every step of the way when you give the free stuff, carefully let them know the market value of the things that you are giving them for free. Usually, people will offer you something in appreciation which may even be more than your selling price if your product is really good.

3. Offer incentives for referrals.

If your product is really good, friends and family will be just too proud to tell people about you. Reward them for doing this and you just got yourself the most committed marketers you can ever get. At no salary. This is a time tested Business Growth strategy.

4. Simple small mannerisms counts.

They may not mean much to you, but it could make a world of difference to your business. Return phone calls/emails, deliver when/as promised, follow-up referrals, be on time for appointments and apologize if you’re late or you can’t make it. It means that you respect and take people serious. And they will like you and take you serious in return. This is necessary for your Business Growth.

5. Sincerely, care for people and show that you care.

Don’t be too engrossed in selling to a pretty lady to fail to notice the fact that her hair is beautifully done. Compliments work magic, especially when they are true and sincere. Remember important dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries and commemorate such dates with your customers.

People will not care what you have for them until they know that you really care for them.

6. Avoid discussing controversial topics.

Discussions like politics and religion you must avoid. Usually, people wouldn’t ordinary be bothered about such things as long as they get their money’s worth in value. But they will not forgive you if you make them look stupid for something they are passionate about.

Your business suffers for it. This something you should avoid at all cost except you don’t want to enjoy Business Growth.

7. Agreeably disagree.

It’s not a crime to know more than your customer – that is why they are patronizing you in the first place. But it is a crime to make your customer look stupid. So, whenever you must unavoidably differ to your customer on any issue, do it in a way that still makes your customer look good. The old saying still remains true – the customer is always right.

Any Entrepreneur i.e. Steve Jobs that has ever had Business Growth treat clients like kings!

8. Listen more and talk less.

Criticisms may not always be positive and constructive. But you must take them in good stride. Their money entitles your customers to feel they have the right to an opinion on how you wear your hair. Of course they don’t. But you need not quibble over every bit of babble. Just focus on the criticisms that matters and improve on your product and service delivery.

9. The relationship is more important than the sale.

Always have this at the back of your mind. Even when relationships go sour – as they may, salvage what you can of it even if the person involved is presently not one of your biggest customers. Tomorrow, he might refer someone to your business that will give you the biggest check you ever received in your life.

10. Integrity counts.  

Work hard to be honest and positive. Always be noble, respectful and genuine. Even criminals will rather deal with people of integrity. But nobody – not even the criminals – will want to do business with you if you are known to be fraudulent. There is no such thing as espirit-de-corps among crooks.

Always consider your Business Growth when making decisions.

I look forward to hearing from you if these Business Growth tips work.

Dare Dairo is a freelance writer, media strategist and social worker.  With a passion for nourishing young budding entrepreneurs with appropriate perceptual attitude for wealth creation and value engineering to move our beloved nation forward.  He is the presenter of Realms of Freedom, a motivational talk show of over five years running on Eko 89.75 FM designed to galvanize more young people to embrace the entrepreneurial solution to nation building and self actualization.

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