4 Simple Ways to Build your Personal Brand Online

The internet give you a unique opportunity to Build your Personal Brand Online, which for me is one of the most interesting activities you can engage in.

I have been building my Personal Brand Online (the Conditioned for Accomplishments brand) for over 2 years now and it’s begining to yield some good results.

But results or no results, I intend to do this for another 2-3 years because I realize that good things don’t come easy, likewise building a solid Personal Brand Online – it’ll surely take some time and efforts.

Many aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs looking to start or take their businesses online are worried how they would build their brand on the Internet. Well, an Internet Business Consultant can help you get started but the truth is that you can also start off the process on your own.

4 Simple Strategies I have used to Build my Personal Brand Online

1. Answer Questions online

There are so many ways to get started with answering questions but my most recommended way is to start your own blog. I once wrote a post titled 4 Reasons why you should learn how to blog.

A blog is basically a platform used to express your opinion on certain issues, so with a blog you can write on just about any topic. For instance, with your blog, you can position yourself to be an online business coach providing online business solutions or start a blog to protest fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria or any other Government policy you don’t like. It is also advisable to buy some SEO Services after you set up the blog.

Don’t get discouraged if you are not ready to start a blog now, the Internet is dotted with several forums and social media sites i.e. Linkedin which provide an interesting way to share knowledge and expertise while gradually building your personal brand online.

Anytime you professionally answer a question in the area of your expertise, other users would be interested to find out more about you and what you represent, so they will start by looking at your profile and most likely visit your website depending on how interesting your profile content is, that is why you should always hire professionals to deliver content development.

Answering questions is a simple and effective way to let others know that you are an expert in the field and grow your brand online.

2. Add a Signature to your Emails and PMs

Can you remember this old saying;

The best things in life are free

I kind of like agree, think about the air you breathe or even the Facebook almost a billion people enjoy today!

In the same vien, you can actually build a Personal Brand Online with some of the completely free, no-brainer strategies such as using Signatures effectively.

I always use a signature whether I am sending an email or SMS and as a Small Business Coach, I encourage you to always add a Signature to every email and even post that you submit on a social networking websites, since most allow you to insert a signature, why not make sure you always insert one.

Your signature is simply another medium for brand expansion and each time someone sees your signature you achieve one of your branding objectives. But I suggest you Keep it Simple and Short (KISS) though.

Here is a sample of my email signature;

 Personal Brand Online

I have kept it simple so as to avoid issues with spam filters, that have become very sensitive today.

3. Make Use of Newsletters

A simple way to build your personal brand online is to start your own newsletter. Newsletters are an excellent way to connect with your user base and a medium to pass on information which can used or simply forwarded to others.

For example, if you are running a vacation business and want to inform the public of the discounts you are giving away for all Christmas bookings, a newsletter will be an effective way of getting the word out.

Note that without quality content development, you newsletter might not achieve its purpose, depending on your writing skills though.

4. Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerful channel to build your personal brand online. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are one of the most compelling ways to connect and share information with your network.

Modern businesses are slowly learning the full potential of this powerful channel and acknowledging the fact that they can use these sites to positively impact their brand, thereby improving bottomline.

A properly executed Social Media Marketing Strategy implementation will play an important role in building a good personal brand online, just as I have been able to accomplish over the years.

I have used Social Media Marketing to achieve so much and in the nearest future I will publish a post titled “Some of my Accomplishments using Social Media”


The importance and benefits of building a personal brand online cannot be overemphasized. I suggest you get started right away and if you need professional Business Improvement services then feel free to hit the contact button.

Have you started building your Personal Brand Online? Do you agree there is any benefit to this?

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