Stars In The Beautiful Sky

We all know the good old saying that the sky is your limit if you do this or that…………. depending on the situation. It is a saying most people grew up hearing and truly the sky is always a beauty to behold. This time around I want you to go beyond knowing this great timeless proverb and ponder on the greatness of God and the beauty of the sky.

The sky depicts God’s greatness, people who fly regularly know how beautiful it is up there and people who have never flown in a plane also know the sky is some wonder to behold.

Please stop reading for a moment and look up at the stars in the beautiful sky, adore one of God’s greatest gift of nature to man. I have always wondered why God chose to give birds so much space to fly, have you have seen two birds fighting in the air over space or seen them collide? Okay lets talk about man made flying objects, how often do planes collide in comparison to cars? You and I already know the answer……

Stars In The Beautiful Sky

Look at these beautiful birds flying freely as a team, no wonder people often say; I want to be free as a bird. There is so much freedom up there while captivity remains on earth or is it that man by nature has placed a lot of limitations around himself?

Freedom is God’s will for mankind but unlike those birds, we place limitations by our own words, thoughts and deeds. How do we possibly do this?  Well, we limit ourselves whenever we refuse to spread our wings and attempt to fly due to fear and some other factors and then we end up becoming captives of our thoughts and imaginations.

One question I always ask myself is; am I fulfilling God’s purpose for my life? If you don’t mind please ask yourself the same question. Am I ready to shine like the Stars In The Beautiful Sky. Well, I have the honour to reiterate that it is God’s plan for you to be free and teach others how to be free.

Here are some tips that will help you begin to regain your freedom gradually and help you shine like the Stars In The Beautiful Sky;

  1. Re-create your environment.
  2. Banish fear.
  3. Change your mindset.
  4. Cultivate relationships.
  5. Empty your cup.
  6. Get a mentor or a coach.

So, will you be able to reach the Stars In The Beautiful Sky now?

The sky presents a perfect example of the kind of life you should be living or planning for, and am here to help as many people that are willing and ready. This is the purpose of this blog and it is a commitment.

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