Agel Products and Business Opportunity

First of all, let me ask you a question. Have you heard about Agel products and business opportunity before?

How excited am I? Very excited you bet, not because I won jackpot but simply because Networking Marketing as an industry is gradually gaining grounds here in Nigeria and it gives me great joy. The news filtered in on tuesday that Prof. Pat Utomi is now the Chairman of Holidays and Cash Nig. Ltd. (a post for another day), boy this is sure some good news.

A few days ago my good friend and fellow Networker – Tomiwa sent a mail on another great opportunity which I want to share with you.

But first, why is Network Marketing a Winning Model?

1. Creates an Asset: significant residual income

2. The highest return on investment and effort

3. Equal opportunity. We receive what we truly deserve: independence, freedom and the right to fulfill our dreams.

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Agel Business Model

Use & Share

You – Use (1 box)

The Program

Total Cost————- N92,075

You Pay out of your Pocket ———N31,000

You introduce Minimum of 2 people to the program within 30 days (Duplication)

You work with (Help) your people get their own people (Minimum 2 people each)

The program pays for your Monthly qualification product for 5 Months (N61,075 interest free)

You will get one box of any of Agel product every month (for you to use or share)

By the 5th month your Monthly commission should be about N38,892

By the 6th month (N78,550), from your commission your monthly product qualification will be deducted

By the 6th month your commission should be about N78,550 at this point the system deducts minimum of N5,000 to pay back part of the N61,075 that the Bank loaned you

By the 7th month your commission should be N157,865

At your 8th month your commission should be about N316,495

By the 9th month, the system will upgrade you to Executive level. The following month’s commission will be about N633,756

By your 10th month you will be ready to manage your account yourself at N1,268,278/month (you will be trained)

Note that you have the potential to earn much more than the above figures, if you are willing.

Agel International

Visionary Leadership

20 years experience

2008 Entrepreneur of the Year

Solid Management Team

Member of the Direct Selling Association

Serves on the CEO Council for the World Federation of the Direct Selling Association

Starting Your Agel Business

Open an Account with any of the Banks involved in the opportunity

Pay your Enrollment plus Application fee N31,000

Get your ID Number

And get minimum of 2 other persons to join the program within 30 days.

The Perfect Business

Solid Company

Breakthrough Products

Simple Business Model

Lucrative Compensation Plan

Complete Support system

Perfect Timing

Low Price of Entry

Time For Action

This is a brief overview of what the Agel products and business opportunity entails. Now, my advice is that you probe deeper and find the why factor? This will certainly propel you to success in the business. One more thing seek financial advice since it involves money but as you do that – know this for sure you would get good quality products for use and also an opportunity to earn fantastic income (value for money).

I am sure you do have a lot of questions – ok that is great.

Visit Agel Home Business or simply contact me for more information and coaching.

Finally, I urge you to empty your cup and begin to see the great opportunities inherent in the greatest business opportunity in the world – Network Marketing with Agel products.

Agel Home Business

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