Why Should You Offer Christmas Gifts To Your Loyal Customers?

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Holidays such as Christmas are a great way for the businesses to prosper financially. It gives them a strong insight to whether they will end up in the black or red during the year. Christmas is typically a festive season for companies to build up financial wealth.

loyal customersHowever, Christmas is not all about increasing sales and profit; it also facilitates greater chances to connect with the customers, especially, repeat customers. Many companies offer Christmas gifts to their Loyal Customers in order to establish cordial customer relationship. This is an attempt to avoid these customers from shopping around.

These tactics are often known as Customer Loyalty Programs. The question is why you should offer Christmas gifts to loyal customers. Today, there are too many complaints about customers’ lack of loyalty. The one obvious answer to this is the steady growth in the number of retailers and organizations in similar industries

However, besides the obvious reasons, the loyalty factor with the high-end brands is also deferring. If you are facing the same problem, think; when was the last time you did something to strengthen customer-relationship?

This article will provide you a great insight as to why Christmas gifts are important to gain customer loyalty.

1. Your Most Valuable Asset

Christmas gifts, such as gift certificates and gift cards are a very prolific way to gain customer loyalty for the year. Think of your most valuable assets; are they
building, equipment, programs and services? These are all your short term assets, while your  customers are the profit driving factor for the organization. Above all, your repeat customers are the  most vital running commodity for the business. Continuous business from Loyal Customers develops
a commercially safe and viable business for the future.

2. Christmas Gifts Nurture Sentiments and Bonding with the Loyal Customers

For every business it makes sense to tap into the customers’ loyalty. Customer loyalty is the most rewarding investment recouping feature for an organization, whereas it also empowers the emotional relationship. It is the level of understanding, trust and the kind of services they get from you. Nurturing this relationship is the core tool to gain maximum benefits from your loyal customers.

3. Commercial Benefits

Research shows that it takes five times more effort to sell a product to a new customer than to an existing one. This clearly indicates the level of trust that a customer develops with you while making purchases. Such customers are also a great way to bring in new customers for your business. There are various options to reward Christmas gifts to your loyal customers. For example, you could plan a free Christmas gift packaging program, a charitable gift
upon each purchase, free delivery or shipping, a steady discount, gift cards etc.

Rewarding Christmas gifts to your Loyal Customers is a prudent way to entice them into shopping with you rather than elsewhere. If you have not yet gifted any of your loyal customers, it’s a great time start to start the tradition this Christmas.


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