Enhance Your Site Traffic with Smart Use of Web Directories

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Submitting links to web directories would enable people to find your site much more easily. However, you need to ensure that the directory maintains strict standards about quality.

Web directories can be a good resource for increasing site traffic and creating quality backlinks. Unfortunately, many people, even after using web directories fail to accomplish their desired goal. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as submission of links to low quality directories or engaging in link exchange with poor quality sites.

In this article, we will discuss these reasons in details. However, first we will offer you a brief description of web directories and their roles in increasing your search engine rankings and site traffic.

What are web directories?

A Web directory is a valuable resource that contains links of various websites. In most cases, users submit these links manually. Main purpose of a web directory is to simplify the process of finding a site related to a particular niche.

Importance of web directories

Web directories usually have two primary purposes;

  • Improving site traffic
  • Enhancing search engine rankings.

We will explain how submitting links in web directories can help you to improve your site rankings.

Let us assume that you have a site that offers information about web design. You submit link of your site under the category ‘web design’ in directories. If users look for sites related to website design in these directories, they will receive narrowed down results. This in turn, will allow them to find your site quickly. On the other hand, if you depend on search engines exclusively, people may fail to find you.

The reason is that to find sites in search engines, users need to type various keywords and visit every website that comes up in search engine rankings. Since this is a time-consuming process, people usually do not go beyond page 1 or 2 of major search engines. If your site has poor rankings (more specifically, it is listed in page 3, 4 or beyond), chances are high that they will not able to reach it. Web directories can also help you to acquire relevant and dofollow backlinks, which can improve the search engine rankings of your site.

3 Tips when using web directories

Submitting links in web directories blindly will not help you to achieve your desired goals. Rather, you need to consider few factors, before utilizing the advantages of web directories.

1. Pay attention to the directory quality

Quality of the directory plays a critical role in improving search engine rankings and site traffic. If you submit links in directories with poor rankings, you will not enjoy the advantages. On the other hand, submitting links in high quality directories will help you to fulfill your goals quickly. For this reason, opting for directories that have a page rank of 4 is a good idea. Additionally, you should target directories that accept links of high quality sites.

2. Avoid link exchanges

Exchanging links with a poor quality website can force Google to penalize your site. Therefore, avoid link exchange with cheap sites. Rather, choose one way links.

3. Do not opt for automatic submission tools

Various online tools are available that allow website owners to submit links in various directories at the same time. Most people will find these tools tempting because they save time and energy. However, one should consider the fact that using these tools can make Google penalize his/her site. Website owners should remember that whether it is content or web directories, quality is the most important factor. Using short-cut methods, while creating content or submitting links to web directories, can result in penalization of your site. For this reason, always stick to high ranking directories and avoid using automatic submission tools.

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