How to Make Money from a Draft Job before Your Dream Job: Quick Tips for Nigerian Unemployed Graduates (Part 2)

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In the first part of this article titled How to Make Money from Draft Jobs before Your Dream Job: Quick Tips for Nigerian Unemployed Graduates (Part 1), you were shown what you can quickly do to create easy income for yourself while still looking for your dream job. I asked you to do one thing which I put as follows:

Get a draft job.

Now, I want to reframe that advice for better understanding and direction in this way:

Create a draft job.

Already, I have explained the reasons why creating a draft job is for you.  I am here now to take care of the examples promised in the first part ofa draft job this article.

First, I will show you the background of creating a draft job and then present a few examples. I will then go further by simply telling you of the experience I had from a draft job. This is done to show the proof of doing on the part of the writer of this article.

With all these, I am sure you will be on your way to creating money for yourself as a way to avoid the cash crunch you are going through now.

My recommendation is that you create your draft job in the private liaison small service market. Service marketing is not new in Nigeria, but the new possibilities for individuals to take part more in it make its niches worth being explored.

Following is the background to my idea of private liaison small service market niche.

There are hundreds of global business practices which can be reproduced as local processes. Most of these processes can easily be monetized profitably. Initially, only companies or specific groups of individuals were positioned better in taking advantage of this replication opportunity.

Today, the trends and flexibility involved in spinning global business practices to local processes and profits is so far-reaching that individuals can attract steady incomes using different service platforms. One of the ways to do this is the running of private liaison services.

You may not have come across the idea of private liaison services in books or via other media before now.  However, I will share with you a few ways to make use of trendy opportunities so that you too can have a private job to make money from.

[box type=”note”]I have for you two examples (selected from my upcoming ebook: “Trends to Thousands in Naira”). These examples are of two trendy services and two trendy products around which you can build a draft job.[/box]

As already said, they are examples that, as believed, will trigger similar or better service ideas from you.

A Draft Job Example:  Trendy Services

1. Professional Associations:

Have you seen lately in the newspapers, the different professionals associations in search of members of various categories?  If not, grab an old ‘Guardian’ now and glance through.

We are not going to look into why the number of the associations is rapidly growing in Nigeria; the reality is that they are relevant to the need of broadening the professional education base of Nigeria.

This billion Naira education market is already grounded in Nigeria.  You can create a draft job to have a share of its profits.  You want to ask how? You only need few hints and these are that the professional associations are desperately seeking more reach. They are heavily advertising as this appear to be their best measure to reach out. You are closer to those they are searching for and they do not employ marketers like banks and insurance companies.

So many potential members are still demanding more information on the new associations.  The would-be members need enlightenments.  They need someone to guide them through (if not do for them), for instance, the registration processes.  They want tutorials on preparing or sitting for the associations’ examinations. The associations need field reps.

If you study the situation, you will see where your liaison service (draft job) comes in. I think if you appoint yourself as a rep and design a way of reaching out to the potential members, doing this will make you the pay.

I believe that any of the professional associations you can approach will be ready to supply you with their promotion materials and so on and so on…

Even if the start comes rough, things will take form ‘naturally’ with your vested interest and continued commitment.  Just another hint from me…

2. Home Nursing Services:

The trend of home care for family members is growing speedily in Nigeria.

Many of the professional nurses are unemployed.  Those employed like to provide part-time services because not every care demands a visit to the hospital.

It is not surprising that smart graduates have started advertising jobs for part-time nurses and the same set of people are advertising to families to request for nursing services from them.  They just do the matching and get paid doing this. What is as easier as a liaison service like this?

It is not required that one must be a nurse to provide liaison service in the health sector. You can study the administrative nitty-gritty of this ever expanding care industry and get involved working from home and telling people in your neighbourhood or in the public meetings you attend about your service business.  Nurses will see take you as their employer, families will be happy to have the care they need.

Another Draft Job Example:  Trendy Product-Based Services

i. School Management Software

Schools are adopting application packages for the management of academic, administrative as well as payroll records and processes.

The future will demand more schools to use different software packages. The light is green on the service businesses that will flow with this information technology trend.  Linking schools vendors or programmers or their products is quite fitting as a draft job.

You just check the trends up.

Many schools are yet to be connected to the worldwide web and the need for this grows every day. The opportunities for the applying of the internet super highway to the education continue beaming from so many angles for creating and carrying out draft jobs.

You need to check those angles up to know where you can fit in.

ii. White Board

The problems relating to ready supply but less reach to consumers will have to be solved for the suppliers of this important school material.  Classrooms are evolving. Jobs will emerge with this black-to-white evolution of school writing board but I am afraid if such jobs will be advertised.  Making quick moves for the service opportunities in this trend is essential for you now.

My Experience a Draft Job on eBay

I believe that you know what eBay stands for in terms of near new products. I found a fast-selling product on eBay and saw the dire for it in Nigeria.  Through words of mouth, I got people who are interested in buying the product. They didn’t the know source of the product neither did they know how to buy physical goods from USA, the country the vendor was based.

Sometime before their purchase request was made I have learned the processes involved in buying on eBay right from Nigeria using the “Buy It Now” system. I tested the processes by buying a product costing so little for myself and got it shipped to Nigeria.

I saw a private job for me there quickly!

I became their ‘liaison officer’ not only to eBay buying processes but also to an international payment processor and to a Nigerian importer.  That is apart from being the provider of the delivery contacts needed for shipping the items first within the US.

I did not spend any money of my own and they did not wait for their goods to arrive before I was paid for my link-up service.  The entire ordering process and delivery in the US took just three days and the delivery of the goods in Nigeria came up in less than three weeks.

Though experience I share here is linked with the internet, it was basically carried out as a draft job in Nigeria and this is just the first of the many private jobs I have created and fulfilled in Nigeria.

A Quick Note:

Please note that what this article shares with you here is different from working as a consultant as your draft jobs may involve working on one-off projects – except where there is a repeat demand for a job already done.

In all that you will be engaged in, it must be a given that you consider the legal and ethical issues.

I believe that a draft job can become your dream job.


Image Credit: Kolby Schnelli

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