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I am glad to inform you that you can now read and share my ICT column in the Punch newspaper – Nigeria’s most widely read newspaper. Henceforth you can simply call me Dr. CFA – I used to have the dream of earning a PHD degree (that was before my courtship with the ICT industry) but besides this moment, I have not given it a 2nd thoughts in recent times.

I remember Shaggy’s song “Why Me” a song that became a hit because of the high emotional connect it has. Because the truth is that life will sometimes play tricks on us as we journey through it, which could be either good or bad, depending on how we have developed our minds to see life issues.

Late 2011, life dealt me a heavy blow with the demise of my kid sister, late 2012, I was  blessed with a bouncing baby boy. And now almost the end of 1st quarter 2013, I now have the good fortune of being the resident Dr. at Punch’s ICT Clinic, one that is bound to positively add value to the society at large.

Key Life Lesson: when life hits you hard, turn to God for strength and succour.

So, what is the ICT Clinic all about?

Put simply, a place to discuss ICT issues and answer pressing questions to the benefit of readers. In today’s technology driven world you need to stay ahead by constantly updating yourself.

Read CFA's ICT Clinic page in the punch newspaper published every sunday

What is in it for you if you read the ICT Clinic on a weekly basis? 

  1. You will know and understand the latest trends in the ICT field.
  2. We would deal with new tools on a weekly basis thatt would give you a whole new online experience.
  3. You have the opportunity to send in your ICT related questions?
  4. Have access to an ICT consultant.
  5. Enjoy the pleasure of reading Nigeria’s most respected dailies.

All content written for this page would not be published elsewhere expect on Punch Website.

So what do you think about the title ‘ICT Clinic’?

When my Editor asked me to suggest names, I sent in some page names such as Digital Media with CFA, ICT Matters with CFA. To my amazement and satisfaction, my editor sent the final name – it’ll be called ”ICT Clinic” – a name that I find to be very innovative indeed. What do you think about the name?

I plan to devote a full day towards ensuring that the content submitted for publication is of high quality and best value. So what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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