Continually Attracting Better Opportunities and Naming Your Own Price

When you set yourself off on a quest that demands continually attracting better opportunities and naming your own price, the first thing you must learn is: it’s never a single thing that can make you an instant success, but it’s rather a mixed variety of different things that you will need to do.

One, as experts say, is an extremely bad number, regardless of where you may happen to come across it. If a single media is responsible for producing a disproportionately high percentage of what you call your daily customers, you could unfortunately summarily end up against the wall. In other words, you would shortly have no business, what to talk of.

The same goes if a larger portion of your income is derived from a single client, or even if you should have a single lead source which regularly provides you most of your current business. So, should anything go wrong with either one of them, you would have to learn the sad lesson of living without the income that comes from that particular source.

Naming Your Own Price

One more reason why it is even more important to have a variety of options is that industry shifts and regulations can have immediate and dramatic impact upon your business and its chances of survival. For instance, changes brought in by Google last spring had many a small businesses scramble about aimlessly because a considerably large portion of their income and business was mainly generated through searches conducted on Google. As a logical consequence, their online sale and visibility simply plummeted overnight.

Hence, the solution really lies in setting yourself up to attain success by way of developing a functional feeder system. You should find the following methods quite useful in helping you generate business leads desired:

  • create a mail campaign that directly draws web-traffic to your site
  • craft free reports for prospects to opt-in via your site, to capture their names
  • build good relationship with your visitors by sending out monthly newsletters and gaining their trust, in order to sell your product or service
  • attract leads and establish credibility by attending networking events and speaking at those
  • make use of social media for building relationships, driving web-traffic to your site’s free reports, signing-up newsletters, and by speaking at events and various functions

Following these simple methods does not only help in protecting your ongoing business through building up of a multiple client base, no longer dependent on a single client who is your whole and sole income source, but also relieves stress. Put a variety of products in your fully functional feeder system to earn the income you have always desired. You will no longer live with the fear of having to turn away someone, considered a rather ‘poor fit’ in terms of your business.

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