3 Rare Facts About Time Management

Warning: If you think that you have known everything about Time Management or that you have been coping well with it and yet you still wish that there should be 36 hours in a day, this article is not for you.  Go and read another article on this website!

The warning up there is not to be harsh on you or to sidestep you here, it is to let you know quickly that what you are about to read will be uniquely enlightening.

Can you recount how many time you have found: “prioritizing of tasks”, “using a to-do list”, “taking time off”, “having focus”, “learning to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’”, etc being listed as techniques or pieces of advice for solving Time Management problems?

Apart from being general in scope, the irony about the solutions is that the more you find them, the lesser they appear to be helpful to you. You cannot deny that statement. Another way you will agree with the statement is with the view that they have been strained or overdone as offers to help you effectively handle the management of your time.

This article presents a detour to managing your time by presenting some rare facts that will change your view better about Time Management and that will move you to par with needed solutions.  I have explored the little touched area of the matter and I hereby partly reveal my findings with the list of facts below:

Fact 1:  Time management is NOT about managing time. You may have to wear a new outlook to agree with the first fact.  Time management is about managing yourself.

To build up success in using your day effectively, you must understand how to put yourself under some controls and how to perform to reach your goal of efficient time use.  Time Management is about managing YOUrself and not the time per se.  This implies, therefore, that what you are to handle to really learn about time management is, again, not the time itself, but its mismanagement by you.

Fact 2:  You don’t first need to be mechanical in running your day to reach your time management goals.

Let’s first push aside here the commonly recommended time management tools and techniques.  The whole issue of the time management basically centers on how empowered you are to face your tasks and do them according to your set time.

The power to do or act excellentlt in using your time is in-built.  The reflection of how you exercise this power is outside you and it is always difficult to accomplish, outside you, the results you desire by using mechanical means. Remember, the results are determined by what takes place inside of you.

I want to go out of the abstract points  raised in the above paragraph now.  I will exemplify by telling you that holding a to-do list does not empower you to perform your task on time.  Although it sets the flow of dealing with a particular task, at a point in time, it does not and cannot give the spark you need for starting and finishing a task on time.

A to-do list is a mechanical tool. The power that gives you the lift to ‘obey’ the list is inside you. The triggering factor for practically following the list is what is worth being studied, understood and utilized again and again.  Everyone has the power to perform but how it can be used to accomplish our tasks as scheduled is what varies with individuals.

Fact 3: It takes time to deal with time management.  This is not funny! Mastering time management solutions takes time.  However, with focus on the rudimentary part of finding solutions (i.e. seeking solutions that are based on your own unique inner power to do and accomplish things) rather than the supplementary tools and techniques outside of you, you will be fast to get time mismanagement solutions you can stick with.

A Quick Note

Please take note that I do not deny the practicality of usually recommended time management tools and techniques (as listed above).

The inner and outside time management aspects as discussed in this article are important but you must not be preoccupied first with the supplementary solutions to deny yourself the rudimentary (in-born) ones.

The points on aspect of innate power for dealing with time mismanagement will be expanded later.

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