July 10th
Take Time to Reflect

What July 10th Really Means to Me

July 10th happens to be my birthday and as far back as I can remember God always opens the heavens and showers his blessings on me and of course all others each year.

Seriously speaking, I have had to ask God why it rains where ever I am on the 10th of July yearly? Honestly, this one occurrence that keeps happening year after year from my days as a teenager. Truth is that I obviously don’t have any answers other than the fact that I believe it happens because of God’s special love for me and the rest of his children born on that day.

Its indeed a special day for me and I am super excited the for grace to see each July 10th up to this year’s.

It is possible someone says, “common CFA we are in the rainy season, what were you expecting?” I’d honestly not argue about that because the reality is that its indeed true but then again yesterday was 9th of July and it was an extremely sunny day in all the places I visited around the city of Lagos and again, this is always the case as far back as I can remember.

Also, based on Map Report’s publication, this special day of mine is yet to be recorded as a day when any of the world’s major disasters have occurred and I pray it remains so through out my life time.

What Each July 10th really means to me

  1. Time to STOP and reflect – life is worth more than all the hustle and bustle, its important to find out the true reason for your existence on earth.
  2. More Devotion to God Almighty – its important to seek to be a shinning light to a generation that has been sold a lie about the existence of the Creator. I choose to believe there is a God who created the heavens and the earth.
  3. Give more attention to what truly deserves it – one of the unfortunate mistakes we make through out our life time is to give attention to things that do not deserve our attention as such while neglecting what truly deserves our attention. This is one mistake that I don’t want to make indefinitely and I urge you not to as well.
  4. Finally, experience remains a great Teacher – this is one adage I have heard for many years and quite honestly didn’t take seriously while growing up. Now that 40 lurks around the corner, I can say for sure that experience truly is a great teacher. So if there is a younger person you know who refuses to take counsel, don’t stress it, just allow time go by and they will learn and agree with you much later in life.

Happy Birthday to all those who share this awesome day with me!

Maximum gratitude to my Creator for good health and special grace as well as a big thank you to all those who have sent in their birthday wishes and prayers. I pray that God will multiply you mightily in Jesus mighty name, Amen!