Success Insights Straight from Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs to All Business Owners

Have you ever heard or read the story of a young boy who “borrowed” his father’s CDs, supplied them to his teachers and eventually, as a result of this student-teacher deal, became a millionaire entrepreneur?

Go on to read the candid business advice that the millionaire boy and his colleagues have for budding and current entrepreneurs:

Jamie Dunn: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire 

Jamie Dunn is the entrepreneurial brain behind Made-By-Young-People business imprints with the client-base now growing over 35, 000 a year.  He offers these people diverse profitable businesses and helps them in enhancing their personal potentials and business profitability. Though already a young successful entrepreneur before age 19, by extending his business with professional public speaking and consulting practice, Jamie made it to the top in the list of young millionaire entrepreneurs.

At age15, he was already making £2,000 a month.  This result came by upon the inspiration of becoming an entrepreneur which he got from his first business at age 12. The first business he carried out was by “borrowing” some of the CDs of his father and selling them in the school to his teachers.

Entrepreneur Jamie’s Advice:

The advice I would give to anybody looking to start a business is get your mindset right. A lot of entrepreneurs talk about “burn-out” and I never considered it when starting out. Make sure you have your mindset right and are prepared for the late nights, the early mornings, the ups, the downs, the setbacks and everything else that business entails. It’s a lifetime job, not a full-time one. 

Read on to have the business advice given by Jamie’s millionaire colleagues.

Emil Motycka: Mow-and-Move to Million$ Young Entrepreneur 

At age 9, he started his lawn mowing business making up to $135,000 while being an high school student.  At the age of 21, he made more than $2.5 million. Though he eventually lost more than this figure, he had  survived the loss with the determination to stick to being a top entrepreneur and now he is incredibly back to limelight as a successful millionaire entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Emil’s Advice:

No. Entrepreneurship is not all unicorns, lollipops and solid-gold tubs.  Well – it is but that part doesn’t come until later.  In the meanwhile, don’t count on finding overnight success unless you’re ready to stay up overnight. 

Keith J. Davis: Young Entrepreneurial Jack of All Trades 

Like father, like son.  This cliché goes well with Keith.

While in the middle school, Keith followed the entrepreneurial track of his father who would always profit buying and selling low-cost and medium-cost goods. Keith, in his own case, would sell anything from greeting cards, writing accessories, books, earrings, bubble gums and everything in-between and beyond.

At age 19 in the University, he became a popular all-trades entrepreneur guy with the added ventures in public speaking, acting, publishing and book authoring.  All these have made his name to appear atop the list of international young millionaires.

Entrepreneur Keith’s Advice:

My father taught me at a young age that it’s not what you know, but who you know. I get a lot of support because of my age – especially as a young African American. People see that I’m trying to do something positive and help a generation. So professionals are willing to lend a hand and lend their advice. If I was 20 or 30 years old, they would be trying to charge me for that advice. 

One may easily construe their insights as messages from the young to the young, a deeper look into their words of business wisdom will show to you that they are all relevant to every entrepreneur and that they are very significant for learning useful lessons that will keep your entrepreneurial journey smooth.

After Jamie excitedly told the story of how he made $100 profit from his first CD deal, his father collected the money.  The action of his father taught Jamie the lesson about how risky borrowing things or money to do business could be.

I hope you will tap something out from here as an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurial knowledge nuggets are from recent interviews with the listed young successful entrepreneurs.

To your entrepreneurial success.

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