Ada and Ezekiel Agbata

I announce the death of my kid sister Ada Miracle Ifeoma Agbata, May her soul rest in peace

With a heavy heart but in total submission to the will of God, I write to tell the world that my kid sister, Ada Miracle Ifeoma Agbata is no more, she has gone to be with the Lord. Read more about her on website (no longer working)

She died earlier today, Tuesday, 6th of December, 2011 at about 1.30pm.

My sister was hale and hearty this morning because we spoke and laughed before I left for the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan African University where I had a Social Media and Search Engine Optimization training session.

In the middle of the training session, I got a call that my sister was behaving funny and that it was pretty serious. What was I supposed to do? The training session was on. Besides I knew that if I rushed out it will not solve anything because I am not a Doctor or medical practitioner. So, I relaxed and informed my students about what was going on and told them to pardon me if I became incoherent – thank goodness they understood ūüôā

How it all happened

According to my dear Mother who was with her, Ada Miracle was in perfect health and great shape. In fact, she has been waiting on the Lord (Fasting and Praying) for almost a month, she usually fasts from 6am to 3pm but said to our Mum that she will break much earlier, so by 12pm, she knelt down to pray and prayed till about 12.30pm, she got up to freshen up and my Mum heard her scream Mummy, Mummy from the bathroom.

Not too long after this she became unconsious. They got to the hospital and was told that they had to transfer her to LUTH – Lagos University Teaching Hospital to see a specialist…… Before they got there, she gave up the ghost.

Today was one of those days that I am glad that I did not drive to Victoria Island because I might have had a seizure before getting to the hospital cos the traffic was simply insane. I simply resorted to Okada (motor bike) and so for the 1st time I biked from Victoria Island all the way to LUTH, Idi Araba as if that will stop what God has destined to happen from happening.

What I saw at LUTH broke my heart the more, apart from the fact that my sister was gone, I saw so many helpless Nigerians receiving treatment from their cars. Infact, my folks were told that there were no free beds, so my sister was confirmed dead right inside the car that took her there (not an ambulance cos the Hospital she first went does not have an one).

I am still short of words,

Three questions I asked myself based on today’s experience: ¬†

  1. How would Hospitals in Nigeria not be prepared for an emergency?
  2. Are you sure I won’t get another citizenshio for my children?
  3. Is Nigeria not ripe for a revolution?

Life remains brutish and short her in Nigeria….. Very sad indeed!!!

Lessons I learnt from my Sister’s Death

1. Give thanks to God

In all situation we must give thanks to our creator, so I stand to tell the world that in all situation give thanks to the Lord for he is our maker.

God, I thank you for today’s experience and for the life of our dear sister.

2. Live everyday like your last

My sister was not sick (at least not physically) but she is no more. It is still like a dream to me, I cant believe that my sister is gone to be with the Lord.
Today it is her, tomorrow is could be anyone else. Do make sure your life gives glory to your maker.   I have made up my mind to give God all the glory despite the great pain that I feel, I trust God Almighty 100% РHe is in charge of the universe.

Ada would have died in 2005 but God extended her life and added a few more years. You can read her testimony here.

Sleep on dear Sister till we meet to part no more on the Lord’s day!

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