project develop and cfa leverage partnership

Project Develop (PD) Partners with CFA to provide SEO Optimisation Services

Note: The proposed Partnership between us never took off the ground for reasons best know to PD. Your decisions are solely yours alone, so conduct your due diligence!

project develop and cfa leverage partnership to prove seo optimisation servicesI am happy to inform you that CFA Leverage is now working closely with Project Develop to offer SEO optimisation services to applicants of their free website campaign who would like to create more visibility for their  new websites. Have you claimed your free website from them? Register now to claim yours.

It is not enough to own a website, you have to work hard to make your website a part and parcel of marketing or sales team. You should get tangible results from your website otherwise there is no difference between you and those who don’t have.

Why this Partnership is important to us?

We are very excited about this partnership because we’ve repeatedly said that small business owners should leverage the Internet more – competition would grow stiffer and may drive them out of business if their running cost is high. This partnership simply gives us more leverage to tell anyone or organisation who cares to listen, that they should order seo optimisation services from us 🙂

Seriously, if you dock over to Project develop homepage, you’d clearly see they have 5 partners listed there, namely;

  3. Google
  4. ProEDGE
  5. CFA Leverage (Nigeria’s top SEO optimisation company mentioned also).

Isn’t that amazing?

The Role of Google

Google is one company I love because of their innovation and the fact that they were instrumental to the creation and maturity of the SEO industry worldwide. They are also solidly behind Project develop Nigeria because the very first email I got on project develop came from them.

Thousands of small business owners depend on them directly or/and indirectly for new customers (and that includes me), that is why thousands cried after the last Google penguin update.

A strong Internet presence is a must

If you think it is still optional then I wish you the best. As for me, I am passionate about the Internet, Social media and SEO in Nigeria simply because it is a cheap and quick way of creating visibility about your product and services.

Having a solid online presence is one reality that confronts quite a number of small business owners – whether this is admitted or not. – CFA

Now, think about it; if you are a business owner with little or no Internet presence then you are leaving a lot of things to chance and I ask you why would you want to run a serious business such as yours on chance or hope?

Don’t you think it will make a lot of difference if you decide to take charge and be fully responsible for your online presence?

To this end, I encourage you to leverage the partnership between Project develop (the Free website guys) and CFA Leverage (the SEO optimisation services expert). Register and apply for a free website today!

How it all started?

Truth is, I kind of like respect the project develop team because our relationship did not exactly start on a pleasant note, yet they have chosen to partner with us.

Let me start by saying that I give God all the glory for yet another recognition in a growing industry.

I once  wrote “You can get a Free Website from Project Develop Team (at this point I was not sure who they were but was confident because I got to know about them through Google Nigeria), quite a number people who are subscribed to this blog decided to take action.

You might be asking, why would I write about a company I know nothing of?

The logic for me is simply help get more businesses online because the more websites that are online, the more the competition and the more people would want to be visible (at this point visibility becomes expensive), therefore I will become more busy and you know what that means 🙂

That said, Earl Okezie was one of those who took action. He did not tell me until there were challenges, he suddenly remembered CFA and came complaining 🙂

I could not do anything other than to add a disclaimer to the post. However, a few days after I received an email from project develop, explaining why there were delays in delivering Earl’s site and informed me it was ready. Take a look at the site and in fairness to them the website is pretty professional.

Since, we already had a relationship, I decided to seize the unique opportunity to inform them about what we do and how we help businesses with our many online and seo optimisation services.

A few days later; I received an email asking; would you like to partner with us to help create visibility for small businesses who apply for the next batch of our free website in Nigeria project?

Now I don’t say this to impress you but here’s what they said;

after going through your profile, we were very impressed and concluded that you are one professional company we can deal with.”

Yet another Internet/SEO propelled partnership

Just like the SEO optimisation services we are currently providing for (formerly that was started (through Google search for the keyword “SEO Nigeria”) and concluded online (Skype and Emails) even before their official launch, I also sealed this deal from the comfort of my office – no traditional board room meetings, no driving through the traffic, we fully leveraged the Internet and closed the deal.

Time to get back to work….

It’s 3.00am and I have so much to do, so I gotta get back to work but before I go; I leave you with a quote from a distinguished Engineer;

SEO is not synonymous to JUNK E-MAIL – Matt Cutts – Head of Google’s Webspam team.

So, beware of all those who make false SEO optimisation promises and so-called experts – they are only after your hard-earned money.

Thank you so much for your support and for sharing this.I really do appreciate you.

I would love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment or ask any question.

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