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Project Develop Nigeria is at it again with another free website offer, an offer that is still too good to be true.

A while ago, I wrote about their maiden free website offer that became a runaway success with over 1,000 small businesses receiving professional websites, in place of their get Nigerian businesses online (GNBO) websites courtesy of Google (another good initiative in my opinion).

If you’ve signed up for the GNBO offer and created a free website, then I suggest you consider moving to a more personalized, professional, project develop Nigeria designed website.

On various occasions, I have informed business owners who are on GNBO, that they have a number of things working against them (now don’t get me wrong, this is a better option than having no website at all)…. Remember, the saying that nothing good comes easy (except God’s agape love – that comes very easy).

If you want a website that has the potential of moving your business to the next level, then tap into the project develop free website but if you insist on sticking to your ‘ugly’/static GNBO website then I suggest you read Strategies to help your GNBO Website Rank higher Online – I wrote this for the SME Toolkit blog a while ago.

Let me stress one more time that your Get Nigerian Businesses Online website has some limitations while project develop Nigeria website has a lot of advantages.

5 advantages of the Project Develop Nigeria Free Website

1. Off Page SEO

On a project develop site you can do off page SEO i.e. Link Building without ‘shaking’ but if you do SEO on your GNBO website, you are building strength for and not your domain because you are actually hosted on a sub-domain.

2. On Page SEO

Just like it’s sister, you can’t really make some necessary search engine friendly updates on your gnbo website i.e. updating your meta tags, creating and uploading html sitemaps, adjusting robot text files as desired etc. These and many more limitations are inherent in gnbo websites.

3. How about site structure?

Forget it, you are stuck with whatever template the gnbo guys offer you. Whatever you desire your website to look like has to be within what the template can offer. Isn’t this limited?

4. Outsource to professionals

Why try to design a website when you have loads of business tasks to accomplish?

I have learnt to allow professionals handle what they are good at, while I focus on my strengths. Trust me, you would spend countless hours trying to beautify your free website and yet it come up with some ugly stuff your mum won’t be proud of.

5. Your website remains your property

As long as your website is hosted on a gnbo subdomain then it’s not exactly yours; for example, what happens if for whatever reason Google closes down or is asked by a court of law to shut down the domain?

Ok, I know this is may not happen, but why not just move your website to a private hosting account owned and managed by you. Remember, your website is the single most important part of your online piece of real estate, so take care of it.

4 basic steps to apply for Project Develop Nigeria Website

  1. Click here to apply now!
  2. Pay N3,350 a year or N6,700 (2 years) for your Hosting Server.
  3. Fill out your Website Outline Form.
  4. Your website in 24 Hours.

Note: You would be responsible for providing content for your free website (not to worry, contact us if you need well structured SEO optimized content).

I believe this will help some SMEs own websites that will really, truly make them proud.

What do you think about this initiative? Have you had any experience with the Project develop team? I would love to hear about it, feel free to use the comment box below.


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