My first Visit to Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

I am writing from hotel room in Port Harcourt Rivers state, Nigeria’s garden city. This is my very first visit to this state and I am enjoying every bit of my stay here 🙂

I am here on the bill of the a New Life Baptist Church who invited me to come and speak at the inauguration of the Life Leadership Academy cum Entrepreneurial summit.

Port Harcourt Rivers State

Life leadership Academy is an initiative (a laudable one at that) of the New Life Baptist Church.

The theme of the event is “The Making of High Impact Leaders – Building young people for transformational leadership.”

Rev. T.O.A Adeleke, the Pastor of the church, who has been most receptive and kind, taught me a few life lessons from his message today, that was titled “the search for high impact leaders.” Let me share some of them;

It takes a whole man to be prepared for leadership; the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational components are all important.

Characteristics of High Impact Leaders (based on Nehemiah 1)

  1. Channel of comfort
  2. Highly intelligent
  3. Genuine concern for the people
  4. Clear Vision
  5. Commiserate burden to drive the vision  Neh 1:4
  6. Deep knowledge of God
  7. Action driven

Leadership maturity is not a function age. – Eccl 10:16   

This is an interesting visit for me because this is the first time I am visiting Port Harcourt Rivers State and also the first time I am worshipping in a Baptist church – to say I enjoyed and blessed by the service is an understatement 🙂

If you are in PH and looking for a bible believing church to attend, then look no further, visit NewLife Baptist Church, Federal Housing Estate, off Agip Road, Rumueme and you will be glad you did.

Flying is always an Experience

On my way to the airport, I received a black berry message asking me to pray for a Qatar Airways plane that was about to make an emergency landing. How do you think I felt? Anyway, I said a word of prayer because I would be flying shortly too and who knows?

I sat next to a lady who was in the same Qatar plane, all through the journey she was restless, apprehensive and at a point, I had to ask her; are you ok? She smiled and said yes but you need to see her face and body language, it was screaming no 🙂

Truth is that, I was a bit scared because of my friends that were killed in the Dana air mishap but I simply held on to God because whether in death or life, He remains God of all creations.

The flight however was smooth with very mild turbulence but we arrived Port Harcourt Rivers State safely to the glory and praise of God Almighty.

For some reason, this blog has always ranked for the keywords “rivers state entrepreneurs” and “entrepreneurs in rivers state” – these are keywords that I have not consciously ranked for. But I think I know why now, there is a huge market to be tapped in Port Harcourt Rivers State and I would start targeting them using seo services.

A big thank to Joel Osebor of Con-Edge Limited (who is also speaking at the event) for making my visit a worthwhile experience. Joel and I share a lot of things in common but most importantly we love God and his son Jesus Christ 🙂

More to come after the event ends…….. To God be all the glory!

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