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My 2013 Goals – Personal and Professional.

Do you love to set goals?

Goal setting is good for you and I am a little old school, therefore I am of the school of thought that says; you should clearly write your goals rather have it in your head. I totally agree!

Ever come across this?

….Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. – Hab. 2:2

Now my intention here is to help someone get into the habit of setting goals. Tell you the truth goal setting is not fun especially when you are just getting started but as soon as you get used to it, you will always flow…..

Last year, I published my 7 Commitments for 2012 and asked readers here to please hold me accountable – a few (notably Joe Oye) made it a point of duty to always ask about the progress and this put me on my toe.

Key Personal Goals for 2013.

1. Devote more time for God Almighty – the Creator of All.

Tell you the truth my view of life changed totally after the shocker of December 2011 (which you can read here), that taught me that life is too short and transient for most of the things we bother about.

Just like 2012, my top priority this year is to get to know God the more and ultimately prepare for the 2nd coming of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. Do you feel me? God is more than enough friend!

2. More time for my Family

Would you expect anything less from a father of 3? 🙂 Seriously speaking now, I would be devoting a minimum of 1 hr a day for family when I am in town. The nature of my job makes me present but absent because it requires my full concentration. It will a brief period of switching off all gadgets and just focusing on them. So help me God!

3. Volunteer more time to NGOs

In my capacity as a public speaker and trainer, I volunteer my time freely to a number organisations such as:

  • FATE Foundation.
  • Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation for Economic Empowerment (SOFEE).
  • Prof. Pat Utomi’s Center for Values and Leadership (CVL).

Notwithstanding my busy schedule, I intend to remain committed to these organizations. In future, I might write a book on how “Volunteering is guaranteed way to success” especially if you are genuinely passionate about it.

It has worked for me. So my advice to you is to volunteer your time (or give your resources) to someone or an organisation in need.

4. Improve on my Time Management skills.

If you think your life is not where it should be, then you need to consider certain actions or activities such as your goals and how you manage your time?

  • Do you spend all day facebooking or tweeting and expect to be financial free?
  • Would you rather sleep when you should be reading?
  • Is your confession “God will provide all my needs” while you are busy eating your seed?
  • How long do you spend watching movies?

All these and many related factors will have a fatal outcome, if you keep at it and look closely they all have a link with poor time management.

I am also guilty of poor time management, so I have set a goal to simply move around on a daily basis with a planner (or us evernote on my device), so that I can note and monitor my daily activities with an intention to make the best out of each day.

I would love to say more but I am unable to because the other goals are much more private.

Key Professional Goals for 2013

1. Publish a book related to Digital media, Internet marketing and Social Media in the 1st 90 days of 2013. Watch out for this!

2. Start writing another book Mobile Marketing and have it ready for publishing in the next 365 days.

3. Start off a membership site focused on my niche for my subscribers and audience in the next 90 days.

4. Seek more partnerships in new industries. Last year, I talked a lot about why small business owners are better off partnering with others. Feel free to read one of the posts here.

5. Keep up with my current pace of personal development by attending seminars and short courses.

Add a Little Bit of Fun to Goal Setting…..

I came up with what I call – 365 days 100 Goals summit 🙂 A combination of personal and professional goals broken down to make the whole process fun for me. Here they are:

  1. 100 souls for the Lord (directly or indirectly through physical & e-evangelism).
  2. 100 blog posts/articles here.
  3. 100 guest posts/articles outside i.e. EzineArticles where I am already a Platinum Author.
  4. 100 speaking engagements (Paid and Free).
  5. 100 Videos to be created (shot 1 already)
  6. 100 Books to read (both ebooks and physical)
  7. 100 hours of physical exercise (behind in this area)
  8. 100 powerpoint presentations to be shared on slideshare
  9. 100 days to become Google Adwords Qualified.

This is just to make it fun for me, so you should add fun to your goal setting process. Remember, it is not Jamb or Waec (local examinations here in Nigeria), it is yours and has to be fun. I intend to print this and carry this along with me as well as put it in places where I would see them constantly because when I accomplish them then you can be sure that my life would have changed for the better.

Let me state that depending on where you are now; it is extremely to set goals in key areas of your life such as Finance, Spirituality, Values, Cause/Passion, Emotion etc. and they should be smart.

Although mine is grouped into 2; it still has elements of some of the key areas mentioned above.

Finally, don’t keep all your goals to yourself. Tell someone who can hold you accountable and have him or her review it as often as possible.

Go out there and set accomplish great goals, stretch yourself, be the best you can be and have fun.

As always thank you for your love and support. I’d love to know what your goals and plans for 2013, maybe we can start by holding ourselves accountable 🙂

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