4 Ways to brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker

Your ability to brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker is a another great way to succeed.

Thank God for the internet you don’t need to be a guru or a multi-millionaire to brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker because there are quite a number of free and inexpensive tools that you can use to get started.

Here are 4 simple ways to brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker;

1. Use Social Media Effectively to brand your self as a Motivational Speaker

I won’t over flog this point because it is one subject matter that is all over the internet, eventhough very few take action. Hope you will take action now.

It is generally believed that social media is not a place to pitch people and talk about your business all day, that does not mean you can’t brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker while having fun and meeting new people. Here are a few tips to make your social media profiles unique;

Upload a photo – I mean your photo and not that of Barack Obama. Upload your photo, President Obama already has all the fame he needs and you can use some, so why not just promote you as the brand.

Write about you

  • Use up that space. Talk about you and what you can do.
  • Use up all white space
  • Fill up your profile page with all your interests.

Recommended Social Media Sites

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Google +
  5. Others if you can manage them.

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2. Create a website of your own

People assume a website has to be all flashy to be acceptable, as for me that is a no no, all you need is a functional website that you can use to brand yourself as Motivational Speaker. I wish to ask if you are one of those busy helping Yahoo or Google make more money and spread their brand, when you easily have your own personalised email address i.e. mine is cfa at cfagbata dot com – this sells your brand both online and offline.

With so many people and businesses flocking to the internet for information, you should use this opportunity to market yourself. You don’t have to have a website with all the bells and whistles. While your website should look professional, you can still get a started website with low to no monthly costs.

You can now get a free site, thanks to Google and partners for the Get Nigerian Businesses online initiative (read my article on the SME toolkit how to make your GNBO site rank high).

3. Order a set of business cards.

Now that you have a website and a loaded social media profile(s), you should proceed immediately to get yourself a set of business cards. The business card should look professional, with you basic contact information clearly printed on it, so that as you meet new people you can hand it over to them. Remember, the business card is a first impression about you so the question is how do want to be remembered?

Tip: I have my key social media accounts links printed boldly on my business card.

4. Networking, Networking, Networking

I have actually saved the best for the last, networking is a key step to brand your self as a Motivational Speaker. This is one skill that anyone can learn and I highly recommend and encourage you to that start practising it, with time you will become so good and people will think you were born with an exceptional talent. You can network anywhere you go – at home, in school, religious gathering, events, seminars, clubs, office etc.

I am a professional networker (online and offline) and this has helped me meet lots of people worldwide. I have friends in all continents of the world and we interact regularly all thanks to the internet.

It is not difficult to brand yourself as a Motivational Speaker, but you should be ready to give it your all. Start using the above tips to get your brand out there and pretty soon you may get noticed by people that matter.

Start branding yourself as a Motivational Speaker today!

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