We need to take care of Mother Nature

Mother Earth or Mother Nature, whatever you want to call it, is our home and the place where we live today. All the things you see such as the trees, water, and grounds where you are walking is part of our earth. What does a mother actually mean or what does a mother actually do? What did your mum do for you? Isn’t your mum the one who cared and nurtured you as you were grew, fed and kept you safe? For all the good things that your mother did for you, what have you done in return? Of course, I am sure you have most likely done all you can to reciprocate her love and care that she gave you all those years.

Now, how about our dear Mother Nature the Creator used to bless us and make the world inhabitable for us? Through whom we get food to eat, water to drink and wash our body, clothes to wear and keep our body warm, and a place to rest our weary soul. What have you done in return for all the good things Mother Nature has blessed us with? Well, for most of us, we have done absolutely nothing. We keep taking and that is why sometimes one part of the world feels some kind of pain, like the one Haiti is currently passing through.

Mother Nature
Save Your Mother Nature

Have you not felt it or seen the wrath of Mother Nature through the number of freak storms occurring, the weather changes, how the heat of the sun can burn your skin, and why the air we breathe is no longer acceptable to human health. All these are signs of what our future and the future of our kids will be, if we continue to ignore the pleas of Mother Earth as she cries for help.

We can all do something, no matter how small your act can be. In fact, all good things start small and your small action may not be appreciated now, but be rest assured that it will certainly make a difference and just like the fact that it will make a difference to our environment, if you only use things or products that will not harm them. The choice is yours but it is expedient that we care for the earth we live in.

Make your step forward – take care of Mother Nature!

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