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Lessons from the IT Leaders West Africa Summit Produced by Kinetic Events

Awkaaba Ghana was the very first words I heard when I got into Accra, Ghana. In my usual style, I immediately started asking many questions about Ghana, her people, the opportunities etc. It was fun. Almost immediately I wanted to grab some food and I chose the local food over the fast food, so I stopped by the road side to buy a pack of cooked rice for gh5 (about $2.5 or N450) – I did this to have a feel of down town Accra and I did 🙂

The following day, the IT Leaders West Africa summit produced by Kinetic Events kicked off at the prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel (where I also stayed). Guests started arriving at 8.00 GMT, I was among the very first that appeared at the summit venue because I love taking the lead. Getting a chance to speak at the IT Leaders West Africa Summit left me truly happy 🙂 – Click here for more photos.

kinetic events
Some of the Naija Team Members 🙂

Also, I got the chance to meet and learn from great minds who are committed to the growth and success of the ICT industry across West Africa. As a professional networker, I exchanged cards with between 70-80% of the participants and I did not stop at that, I focused on creating partnerships and synergies which I firmly believe, is a sure way of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Key Lessons from the IT Leaders West Africa Summit produced by Kinetic Events SA

Before I state some of the lessons, let me re-publish the welcome letter to give you an idea of the producers set out to accomplish;

Dear IT Leader,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 1st annual IT Leaders West Africa Summit.

The IT Leaders Summit has brought West Africa’s leading IT and business professionals together to interact and focus on the most noteworthy IT challenges facing the business industry today – this will be tackled through interactive panel discussions, CIO led workshops, strategic keynotes and networking sessions.

Information technology is continuously transforming itself, creating a catalyst for new challenges facing IT leaders. To cope with the rapid rate of growth in Africa, IT leaders are upgrading systems, implementing new technologies and restructuring their organisations to meet the ever-increasing demands of their business all while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We wish you a successful event.


Kinetic Events

Here are some lessons and takeaways from the summit:

  1. For West Africa to move to the next level, the cost of broadband must be brought down. – Dassey
  2. We need political will to create a broadband revolution across the region. – CFA
  3. The African continent is particularly vulnerable to cyber security threats. There is little understanding,knowledge and expertise in the Cyber Security space and a huge lack of awareness in general. The various governments should demonstrate leadership by collaborating with the private sector and the academia to fund and develop academic programs in Information Assurance / Cyber Security in some selected institutions. The media is central to awareness creation. Dr Peter Okenyi; CEO – AISEC Group
  4. Governments has a huge role to play, unfortunately, they are playing lip service to the ICT needs of the region. – Emeka Okoye
  5. All IT leaders gathered here owe this region a duty to bring about the change quickly because Africa is indeed the last frontiers. – Fatumata Soukouna
  6. Proper education and enlightenment are necessary to bridge the digital divide across the West African region. – Dr. Mohammed Sani-Abdulahi

  7. Place the right technology in the right place. – Mario Paes

  8. CIOs must understand how to collect and analyze data to the benefit of the entire organization. – Seyram Akotey

  9. Social Media has changed the way live and communicate on every aspect. – Chidi and Chika Nwaogu

  10. First bank Plc is at the forefront of the ICT revolution, that is why we have issued over 5 million debit cards to date. – Chuma Ezirim

  11. Multinationals have a huge role to play towards helping the region attain her ICT goals. – Saidu Abdullahi

  12. Analytics are an essential tool for increasing speed, improving the understanding of customer behaviour and shaping the future of your company. – Fayo Williams

  13. and many others…..

My Verdict on the IT leaders west Africa summit

In fairness to the Kinetic events team, I think they produced a world-class, richly rewarding IT leaders west Africa summit, that will always bring good memories to all attendees especially yours truly 🙂

Let me express my happiness over the fact that I got a chance to meet and interact with most of the Kinetic events team;

  1. Laura
  2. Shannon
  3. Jamie
  4. Eugene

Finally, I kind of like agree with the choice of Accra, Ghana as the first place for the summit in our region. However, I made it clear to the organisers to bring the next summit to Lagos, Nigeria. Personally, I am open and committed to working with them to achieve a hitch free and highly successful 2nd IT Leaders West African summit.

About Kinetic Events

Kinetics Event is am International business to business company based in South Africa – a key provider of timely information for the ICT industry. Follow @KinecticEventsSA

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CFA alongside other Participants

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