Junk Food and the Rising Case of Terminal Illnesses in Nigeria

I often wonder if advancement and development comes with the rise of terminal diseases?

Unfortunately, from a layman’s perspective, I will say that it is most likely the case because of the alarming number terminal illnesses I often hear of and in some instances, through which a few people I know have lost their lives.

Terminal Illnesses, by whatever name they are called, are not pleasant at all, so, while we should Trust God that these diseases of the ‘Egyptians’ will not be our lot, we should also strive to EAT right and cut down on junk food as much as possible.

I know it is not easy to completely avoid junk food, but I have made a commitment to drastically cut down on the amount I consume and those around me can attest to that fact. This is because I understand that God has give me a role in perfecting His will for my life.

Many people you know are already digging their graves by what they allow to pass through their mouth, all in the name of modernization or trying to keep up with the Joneses. Increasingly, many families now rely on these junk foods because both parents are too busy to cook nutritious meals.

I am writing this post from an eatery after I observed how many people are busy dealing (eating) different types of junk meals which includes pizzas, burgers, and the rest of what we enjoy consuming as part of our modern lifestyle. The question that prompted this post stems from a deep thought in my heart. What could be the relationship of this new culture, which our parents never had, to the rising cases of terminal illnesses?

Will people be healthier if they avoided junk food completely? What future will our children have, if they eat mostly junk food?

My word of advice, (not as a medical practitioner, though), to everyone out there is, EAT RIGHT & STAY HEALTHY!

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