Using Twitter to grow your Network Marketing Business

Did you know that you can use Twitter to grow your network marketing business?

In case you don’t know what twitter is, it is a micro blogging platform that has taken the online community by storm due to it’s quick paced platform and popularity. I must confess that I never expected twitter to survive up to this point, but they have not only survived, they have grown so popular that other companies now hold them in high esteem. When twitter first launched I did not give them much credit but today I must confess it is an effective tool for marketing.

In order for you to be able to use Twitter to grow your network marketing business, you must be able to navigate through the site properly and also know how to position your business within the community starting with your profile. You should place your website URL on your profile page, the link does not have to lead to your business page; it can lead to your blog or preferred site and from there to your business page. Because overtime you will be able to direct more traffic to your business site and make more sales.

Twitter to grow your network marketing business

Using twitter avails you a great opportunity to carry out an effective marketing campaign(s) and increase sales for your network marketing business.

Below are three simple ways to use Twitter to grow your network marketing business

  1. Provide and freely share valuable information with people.
  2. Building good relationships with prospects and direct them to a more comprehensive knowledge site.
  3. Promote events and generate site traffic.

Network marketing is one opportunity that does not require participants to spend huge amount of money to grow their business and since it is the trend you do not have to spend so much, just hook up to twitter and maximize the free advertisement, but of course you should do it with caution, otherwise you will surely receive  a good number of unfollow requests. Because twitter is a free service, it is prone to abuse but if you have a business mindset you will not be found wanting by your followers.

Fellow marketers such as yourself are all over twitter, therefore you may not find it very easy to get a target market almost immediately. This should not worry you so much because the ocean is too large for everyone to dive in and catch a fish. You should start by understanding your target market, so the question is; as a network marketer who is your target market? (I love to hear in the comment box below)

One thing you should realize is that social media is more of you and less of your company, that is why you must start by joining a good company. Perhaps, you already know that quite a number of people assume that your business is a pyramid scheme and that is because of all the bad experiences they have had in the past. Here are a few steps you can take to  prevent this and help the industry;

  • Choose a very good network marketing company.
  • Conduct your own research
  • Find out from a number of participants what they feel about the company – remember to ask more of indirect questions.

There are many illegal companies out there, so if you decide to be part of a network marketing business, you should choose a legal and reputable company.

Finally, be rest assured that you can use Twitter to grow your network marketing business as well as any other business that you may find interesting. I therefore have no doubt in my mind that you can also succeed using this free, quick and efficient, micro-blogging platform that allows you to post a maximum of 140 characters at a go. Remember to tweet regularly and be known as someone who freely shares good information and not just your network marketing business opportunity. So go on now and grow your business with twitter.

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PS: I love to hear of any strategy you wish to share.

Using Twitter to grow your network marketing business!

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