Use Google Places to Benefit your Business

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Sure, your business has an official website. But do you think that it is enough to create online presence? Do you have assurance that you will rank in SERPs whenever potential customers use search terms related to your niche?

If you answer no to these questions, one amazing solution for you is to…

Get listed on Google Places and claim your listing.

Why should you?

Now, before we go to the “Why use it”, let us look into “What is it”.

Google PlacesGoogle Places is the recent “Yellow Pages”, which is partly due to the high percentage of U.S. consumers (54%) preferring the Internet over their phonebook. As a result, the latter’s usage has been declining by 2-4% every year.

Apart from this, you have to take advantage of the fact that a whopping 97% of users in the country obtain information online to help them make wise purchasing decisions. The best thing is that there is a huge likely (estimated at 69%) that these prospects will buy or acquire the service of a company immediately after finding their needs there.

This means that…

If your target customers cannot come across your business while hunting for deals, your competitors will be more than happy to accommodate them.

Given that insight, it goes to show that increasing visibility and getting found easily on the Web are great rewards. However, these are relatively minor. Go over the following details to know…

The Wonderful Benefits of Listing with Google Places

1. It does not require charges or monthly fees

You can take advantage of this right from the moment you set up an account to the time you wish to customize it. Compared to traditional marketing means, wherein you need to allocate a budget for various costs, the former does not entail expenses. This means that you can spend the extra cash promotions rather than on ads.

2. It is ideal for any company no matter the scale, type, or size

Are you running a big corporation? Or, are you managing a small business? Whatever your trade type is, it does not actually matter because Google Places will help you stand out and have an edge against your competitors.

3. It provides great competing power

When you combine it with the best SEO strategies, you won’t have a problem directing plenty of prospects to your enterprise. Do you have an official website? If you are shaking your head, you have nothing to worry because you can still sign up and rank in SERPs. This means that your target customers can still find you on the Internet even without developing and designing a site.

4. It includes a location map

So, why can users spot you despite the lack of a domain name? The reason is that Google has added its ranking results with its Maps data. Whenever consumers perform their queries through Google Searches, Earth, Mobile, and Maps, they can come across your business.

5. It is easy to manage

You can alter and modify any information on your listing conveniently. Hence, you have assurance that your company details on Google are accurate and up to date. Other than this, you can keep track of performance, upload videos and images, and encourage users to give reviews.

6. It is mobile friendly

According to a survey, around 60% of smartphone users prefer mobile sites than apps. Additionally, these individuals shop on the go using their phone. If you sign up with Google Places, you can easily reach out to this huge percentage of consumers.

There you go. Do you not think these great benefits are convincing enough to make you go right ahead and claim a business listing on Google?

If you still need more encouragement, just think more than 80% of potential customers have the tendency to buy immediately. If you are not visible in search results, you cannot have a share of this market.


Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a leading search agency offering SEO solutions and services to many companies across the globe.

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