What you need to know about Google Buzz

Update: Google Buzz has been replaced with Google Plus because an outright failure

A few years ago, I said to a friend that I foresee a future in which one company will be an online monopoly and I guess you know what company I am talking about, well it is Google. I would not delve into it’s history because most people know or must have read about the company. Google’s destination beats one’s imagination, the company is reputed to be one of the most innovative in the world, any wonder why they have great products, my favorites being Gmail, Reader. Wave and Analytics.

Google in it’s usual style has come up with another product called Google Buzz. On the 9th of February, the product was launched, but with major privacy concerns that are being addressed gradually. I honestly do not know why they choose the name Google buzz when Yahoo already has a product called Yahoobuzz – would you call this being a bully? It reminds Chris Brogan of Friendfeed and for Jessica Dolcourt it is simply a privacy nightmare. What do you think about Google buzz? Feel free to share your views.

What is Google Buzz?

Need To Know About Google Buzz” src=”https://www.cfagbata.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/google-buzz1.gif” alt=”Things You Need To Know About Google Buzz” width=”200″ height=”170″ /> Things You Need To Know About Google Buzz

Google buzz is an easy way to start conversations about the things you find interesting, you can share updates, photos, videos and much more with your friends and followers (Twitter like). It is basically for Gmail users and is intrinsically linked to Google Reader. Google buzz is growing rather rapidly and I know for sure that it is for different reasons, for true social media enthusiasts it presents another opportunity to further analyze the concept, while for some others it is just another “in-thing”. Whatever the case, buzz is doing pretty well at the moment.

What is the likely implications of Google Buzz?

  1. Well for other social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Ning etc. Google buzz is not so much of a good news because Google may have succeeded a bit in their game plan and which is to ensure that people spend more time using Google sites, products and services. That way they can serve more adverts and make more money. Ultimately, a few more Gmail users will likely spend more time in their mail accounts buzzing or trying to figure out what google buzz is all about.
  2. With the launch of Google buzz (and many more social services to come), the noise in social media just keeps getting louder. How can one manage all those profiles? Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Hi5, Badoo, Bebo, Myspace, Friendfeed etc. Well it all boils down to one point; it all depends on you and what you want – your online goals.
  3. Personally, I think Google is becoming one huge monopoly, and wanting to also dominate social media is a pointer to this fact. That said, the competition has only just begun, over the next couple of weeks we can expect certain upgrades from key social media networks.

Google will go on to create many more free products, because we give up our privacy in many ways and with that they create better products. What this means for the company, is more profit because each time a new product is launched, it attracts potential users and definitely more advertisers, these strategies is helping google become colossus of some sort by the day.

Mashable posted a Social Faceoff: Google Buzz vs. Facebook vs. Twitter yesterday – I voted for Facebook because it is my favorite, but then I am amazed that in just one week, Google buzz already have some loyal followers. I am still trying to figure out the Google Buzz “thingy” but as a Social Media enthusiast, I see another cool tool to share information and increase your personal brand.

Google may have finally figured out social media, even if there have been some major slip-ups in the way. The implications of that realization could dramatically change social media as a tool and as an industry. — Ben Parr

Only time will tell how well Google Buzz will do but I wanted to find out if you agree with Ben’s statements and what is your general opinion about the company Google and it’s new product buzz?

PS: I can’t figure out how to ask people to follow me on buzz, so for now do check out my Google buzzes.


Things to know about Google Buzz


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