GIVING is the New Philosophy of Business

Giving is the new philosophy of businessThe new philosophy of business is GIVING.

No, I am not a Harvard or Stanford trained business tycoon. Agreed, I’d probably still be somewhere behind a desk working my butts off, if not for the Internet. But, one truth I know deep in my heart is that your ability to “give” with all your heart and might is the NEW philosophy of business and you’ve got to put this to practice if you want to thrive in business, especially if you plan to use the Internet heavily like me.

Some notable examples of Giving

  • Why has Apple become the most capitalized company in the world? Because Late Steve Jobs made it a commitment to treat every Apple customer like a god and GIVE them a god’s treatment.
  • Why did Microsoft turn out to be a success story? Bill Gates had a goal to GIVE every family at least one PC for next to nothing.
  •  Why is Google turning out to be a monopoly on the Internet? Googlers are giving out some many great stuff. There are literally hundreds of freebie products from Google, products you just can do without expect you are a money bag with a huge budget and you want more customized tools. For example, in Nigeria, Google is Giving away free websites via the get Nigerian businesses online campaign and you think Google won’t grow any bigger?
  • Why did Mark Zuckerberg pay 1 billion USD for Instragram? The founders of this hitherto largely unknown company had a simple goal and that is to GIVE phone users the opportunity to quickly share photos and images with a few clicks right on their devices.
  • Why has Our Lord Jesus Christ and a few other regular people turned out all time Heros? Our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life on the cross for mankind, he died for our sins and today, he remains the Lord and master to billions of people worldwide. Everyday people like Mother Theresa, J.F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatman Gandi, Nelson Mandela etc. are all heros simply because they GAVE their lives to the cause they believed in.

Give and it shall be given back to you – Luke 6:38

The new philosophy of business has been fuelled by no other than the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for small business owners to actually compete with the bigger players even on a shoestring budget.

In my humble and unfounded opinion the new philosophy of Business lies in one word: GIVE. It does not matter what industry you are in, you’ve got to find a way to Give, Give, Give.

Ok. CFA, what can I give you might want to ask?

  1. Give value
  2. Give content
  3. Give customer service
  4. Give freebies
  5. Give free trials
  6. Give, Give, Give, just give….

Trust me if you find ways of giving out something valuable to people, then you can be rest assured that your business will grow accordingly.

If you want to make money online, create and give value around a product or service.
If you want to win over new customers, give out some discounts or free coupons.
If you want to increase the level of innovation in your organization – give your staff more freedom.
If you want to get feedback about your product or service, give your clients that task by sending out surveys.
If you want to be a superstar online, make up your heart to create quality content and give it all away.
If you want to become richer in life, commit your heart to giving.
If you want to remain a billionaire (ok a millionaire 🙂 then make it a commitment to give out all your billions.
If you want to succeed in the business of the 21st century, start Giving and remain a giver.

Trust me the new philosophy of business is GIVING, particular in the crazy yet exciting world of the Internet. I speak first as someone who has failed in multiple businesses, thus have gathered experience so quickly and secondly, as someone who is in the business of helping other businesses leverage the Internet.

One of the very first questions I usually ask a potential client; what are you willing to give to your clients just to prove that truly your product or service is of great quality?

There are no rules on the Internet, so you could possibly win over more clients just by giving out an ebook related to what you do. You could even make it a duty to GIVE your clients both old and new exceptional customer care service.

Business is about Give and Take. So, stop, stop, just stop trying to take without first giving. Give it all away but keep you trade secrets!

What qualifies CFA to talk about Giving?

Well my modest me has contributed well over 600+ quality articles and other content types across various online platforms. It means I have paid the price to become an authority in the niches of blogging, Internet marketing, social media, SEO services, Coaching etc.

I have also given free trainings, speeches, lectures related to my field to thousands of people and my prayer is that some (not all) of them are making use of the information I shared.

What and how are you giving online? Has giving generally been a blessing to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this interesting subject matter.

Creative Commons Image Courtesy by Tim Green aka atoach and opensourceway