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E-Church Project Holds Wi-Fi Worship, Set To Populate Cyberspace With Gospel

E-Church Project, an online platform that aims at helping churches gain online presence and leverage on technology tools will on March 26 hold a programme tagged, Wi-Fi Worship Lagos.

The event, which is to hold at Ndubuisi Kanu Park Park Mobolaji Johnson Avenue (Alausa), Ikeja, Lagos is powered by Neo-Skill Consulting, Wi-fi powered by Swift Network and supported by Neo-Skill Consulting, iT360 Magazine, Denits Project, RaveTV and a host of other organisations.

The managing director of E-Church Project, Mr.  Seyi Olaleye, said at a press briefing that the programme is aimed at creating awareness among churches and Christians on the need to depopulate the internet of offensive contents.

He observed that the internet has become the harbinger of evil and a corrupting influence on the vast majority of people noting however that the church has a responsibility to turn the tide.

The church has the gospel, the good news. The church has what it takes to make the internet what it should be. But the church is doing little about putting godly materials online thereby allowing agents of darkness to operate freely with junk and uninspiring contents

He explained further that his organisation was poised to change the paradigm. “We want to use Wi-Fi technology to spread the word and the good things in the Church as well as social channels such as Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram etc.”

According to him, “Lagos State’s Wi-Fi Worship is focused on celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and populating the cyberspace with the message of Easter. It is a platform where the resurrection of Jesus Christ will be celebrated with the aim of reducing explicit content online and ultimately reminding believers of Jesus’ coming.”

Also commenting at the press briefing, Smile Telecom representative, Mr. Andrew said the need for the internet cannot be overemphasized in building the church without walls.

He said, “It is no longer news, but a fact that technology is to the Christian advantage in reaching out to the un-churched. And, Wi-Fi technology is strategic to dishing out ministry content out of the four walls of the church for the blessing to the people outside the church.”

In his own words, Mr. Stephen Akintayo another stakeholder in the programme noted that the gospel can no longer be restricted to the confines of the church adding however that there is need for the church to understand how they could make impact on the internet.

“What the church puts on the internet must be compelling. It must be story-telling to be impactful and attractive enough to lead the unsaved to Christ.” He said.

He observed that “the church has more content than any corporate organisation in the world, yet getting it out has remained the problem, through available social communities. The Wi-Fi Worship Lagos will be a good starting point for the awareness among Church leaders and Christians alike.”

The event will feature other attractions like dance competition, gift sharing, and a host of other inspiring activities. Admission according to the organisers is free.

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