Distance Learning: What All Those Yearning for Further Education Must Note Now

This is exactly what you’ve been looking for about furthering your education with distance learning.

While you realize what getting more academically or professionally qualified means in moving higher in career path, you are still unsettled about:

• Whether or not distance learning qualifications are as good as the one obtained from non-virtual schools.
• Whether or not distance learning is appropriate for you and your career.
• Whether or not employers will accept degrees from distance learning schools.
• Whether or not the timing of online schools can fit in with your present commitments.
• Whether or not you can find distance learning course that will not dry up your purse.
• Whether or not there are truly certified and internationally recognized distance learning studies.
• Whether or not… etc. etc. etc.
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Hungry for Degree! Yet, You’ve Got to Keep with Your Job or Business!

If you are like other many poeple who are so hungry to get undergraduate degrees or postgraduate degrees but who, at the same time, must keep on with their jobs, businesses and families (or other responsibilities), you need special and direct information to help you clear off those tussles going on in you presently. Here is what you’ve been looking for regarding your future. If you have been contemplating on brushing up your skills or undergoing re-training for business or employment purposes, then here are the clues on what you’ve wanted to know for long.

Private Information for You

I am happy to tell you now that the yearnings and confusions surrounding the educational and professional advancement of so many people have become a great concern for a team of people you’ve wished to find around you far before this time.

With the great concern, the team has really been figuring things out to address the needs of the set of people having the hunger mentioned above. Let me let the cat out of the basket by saying that CFA Nigeria (that is the team by name) has found out that there are so many educational, business, career and other life angles for which people need specialized information and advising. The team has been busy for some time working on special projects. Brought to you here is the first of its expertly packaged kind of projects  which is designed to set forth the lead in taking care of identified life areas that are underserved with specialized information and insights.


The first of the special projects of CFA Nigeria is called KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION INITIATIVE.

This first project will be launched soon with Nigerians (to expand gradually to global level) and the initial project activity is to familiarize distance learning with those in dire need of it and to shed light on all areas of this modern learning route that are obscure to many people. This initial project activity is tailored-made to cater for the information need of Nigerians about distance learning in an comprehensive manner.

Imagining what distance learning stands for in education in general is no more astonishing unlike knowing the number of people who are still overwhelmed about starting out and moving forward their career, business and life in general with it. This becomes so much important looking at the limitations to go a-campus which such people face. CFA Nigeria has cracked the e-learning nuts that has so far caused you some worries.  What the team is going to dish out to you will save you the time, efforts and money required for navigating the whole wide scope of this modern channel of education yourself as the team is ready to share all its wealth of insights and advice on distance learning with you.

I think it is worthy to share with you, in this special notice, the curriculum (i.e. contents) which CFA Nigeria has already designed for dissemination on distance learning. I am sure you have not seen something extra-ordinary like these contents on distance learning in Nigeria before now. I will, however, first show you who the targets are regarding CFA Nigeria project on distance learning.

The Targets of CFA Nigeria Project on Distance Learning

If you desire advancement in your personal, business, educational, career and balancing all these with your family affairs using any of the following learning or training channels, you are one of those who need to be educated widely on distance learning:

  1. Academic learning (formal education)
  2. Professional advancement (membership/certification)
  3. Business training (updating skills sets/expertise)
  4. Employee development (career/specialist improvement)
  5. Personal learning (personal and social fulfillments/edutainment)

Here is the curriculum:

  1. What distance learning is and is not
  2. Advantage and disadvantages of distance learning
  3. Types of distance learning
  4. Required commitments on the part of the learner
  5. Admission criteria and skills requirements
    5 Course delivery requirements
  6. About trial/beta courses
  7. Tuition fee
  8. Scholarships and grants
  9. Due Diligence/Degree or diploma mills
  10. Sizing up a course to needs and budget
  11. Course designs and delivery technologies (audio, video, web-conferences, webinars, mobile apps etc)
  12. Methods of instruction
  13. Course replays
  14. Institutional status and background checking
  15. Accreditation of institutions and courses
  16. Onsite examinations and other assessment methods
  17. Successful cases
  18. Tricks for swift searching for schools and distance learning courses
  19. Directory of internationally recognized schools
  20. Notes about duration of study
  21. …more focus areas
  22. Frequently asked and infrequently asked questions and their answers

I have mentioned quite open-endedly above that the project of CFA Nigeria, particularly distance learning project activity, will commence soon. I have not said anything on how the team is going to share its resources and advice with you. Just watch out for the follow-up notice to this one. Nevertheless, one of the above contents will be started right away. Please continue reading to know which one you will benefit from freely and immediately.

The activity will start from the end of the distance learning syllabus!

We had the impression that many people wouldn’t want to wait for long for the team to start sharing… and so, if you have pressing questions or requests for information which you want to send across to the CFA Nigeria team, do not hesitate. Use the comment box below to send your questions about any concerns you have regarding distant learning. The team is ready to serve you answers or clarifications immediately.

The big news is that the KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION INITIATIVE is going to be launched with a dedicated website SOON.

Watch out!

To your all-round success in your education, career, business and beyond.

…and wishing you well as you take further steps into the distance learning opportunities.

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