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Having Difficulties In Introducing Yourself At A Networking Event? Follow These Steps

Relate your story with all manner of sincerity, make it compelling to, both your listener and yourself.

Getting to meet new people, at any formal networking event, earns you, the opportunity of making new leads and referrals, for your business.

You could, easily, make out potential customers, investors and business partners, from them, however, converting strangers, into a working business asset, starts with how you, simply, answer this four phrase question: ‘Tell me about yourself’.

If your answer indicates common values and vision, then, be rest assured that, the stranger will, in no time, turn to become your friend.

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The best way to give a response, to a, “Tell me about yourself” question is, to relay a short simple story.

Craft a well captured motivational story that, can summarise why you love your present work, in a matter of 2 minutes.

Below, are ways, tailored to crafting motivational stories, for effective conversation:

Proper Structured Story

What makes up an effective compelling story that can captivate the listener?

It must contain the following;

  • Opening: This part, describes your identity, as a professional.
  • Challenge: This shows how you have solved new challenges, in the past.
  • Sources of skill: How your academic experience and projects, in your field have enhanced you, in building skills, for professional development.
  • Closing: Pick out your listener’s, most essential business goal and demonstrate how your expertise, can assist in realising his, or, her set goal.

How do you craft a compelling storyline, with the mentioned elements?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What caught your interest, in your profession?
  • What fieldwork, made you develop the skill that, led to you, excelling?
  • What key principles, have you discovered, based on your experience?
  • Does collaboration, with you, makes your potential customer, or, investor, better off?

The way you deliver your storyline determines how well you can engage potential customers.

When you ask your questions, listen carefully, to their responses. Do not cut them off, unreasonably.

Try not to look away, but, rightfully, convey your message, with some sparks of emotion.

Employ the use of light humour, to win over your potential, customer, or, investor.

Compelling Authenticity

Forget the idea of overblowing your worth as, you may appear to your listener, as lacking respect and self-confidence.

Rather, state the activities that, has motivated you and likewise, be bold enough, to mention the challenges that dampened your motivation.

Once you have got all these in the bag, do mind, practicing it, with your people, to get their feedback, before you execute them, in a real networking event.

Creating a network of people, who have a shared vision with you, will certainly, put you, on a path of success.

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