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Leadership is Not all About Vision; These Things Will Make your Team Thrive

The idea of leadership is, all about vision; a vision that carries all members of the organisation along.

It shows a picture of common shared values and elements that, motivate the team members, in pushing forward, however, what would drive your team is, just beyond your vision.

Irrespective of the structure of the organisation, here are four things that, good leaders should give their followers, beyond the scope of vision.


The success in leadership is the success of the followers. A leader should set up, in a way, such that, the team has what it takes, to be successful.

There must be a deliberate attempt, to drive expectations, for delivery.

Resources can include, time and people need to facilitate what is required.

As a leader, if all indications show that, this is, what your team needs, then, you need to figure out a way, to get them for your team.


One of the ways, a leader can be responsible for his/her team is, to hold them accountable, for what is expected.

If the team members fail in getting this done, the onus lies on the leader, to correct and teach the team, what to do.

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It is not, necessarily, about discipline, but rather, the habit of making your team members, give an account of their daily, or, weekly job expectations.

This will keep them informed, of what they need to do, to brace up if probably, they are lagging.

The concept of good leadership do not just hold teams for accountability; they, also, must be on the same side of the divide, by being accountable to their followers.


You have an employee that, you know has potentials, but he/she keeps on failing. Have you taken the time, to ask why?

You might just, be the reason for the failure. Probably, somewhere in your mind, you have an expectation, but you never spelled it out.

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A good leader will take it as a responsibility, to make things clear, to the team members.

You do not have to leave them in the dark. Do not let them assume. State it out for them.

Make your communication better. It is up to you, to make sure that, your team understands what is required of them, to deliver the best of results.

An Advocate

Team members want to know that, their leader is, always, there for them. You have to be their advocate, at all times.

As a team leader, your work is, to make sure that, the team can bank on you, even, when you ask them to do what they would not execute, on their own.

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