Attend the FATE Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme

FATE Foundation is one body I am proud to be associated with and anytime an opportunity presents itself, I profit from it to urge would-be or emerging entrepreneurs to attend any 0f their programmes. I attended the Aspiring Entrepreneurs program which is specifically designed for would be entrepreneurs but I plan to also attend the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme.

Introducing the FATE Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP)

Have you been in business for more than 5 years? Is an area of your business suffering and your profits declining? Or, are you stagnant and need to get to the next level?

FATE Foundation
FATE Foundation

The FATE Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) helps entrepreneurs identify gaps, increase profit and expand their businesses. The EEP facilitators are leading Business Entrepreneurs in Nigerian and the sub-Saharan African region.

Interactive sessions to cover Business Strategy, Risk Analysis and Management, Business Networking, Ethics, Marketing, Innovation, Operations, People Management, Negotiation, Accessing International Markets etc. Topics will be accompanied with case studies.

Benefits include a visit to a quoted company on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and a Business Forum, chaired by leading Nigerian business leaders.

This nine (9) weeks programme will take off 12th March, 2011.

For more information call Faith on 01- 4706836, 08057262182, and 07098123371 or E-mail:

About FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation is a non-profit, private sector led organisation. It was created and funded by Nigerians in March 2000, because they felt that the viable youth of Nigeria are able to directly attack the high rates of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria.

In year 2005, FATE Foundation successfully surpassed its year 2005 vision of fostering the establishment and growth of 1000 businesses.

The impetus behind FATE stemmed from a strong concern for the high levels of unemployment and poverty in the country. FATE is committed to assisting Nigerian youth to establish and grow successful businesses by equipping them with the tools, skills, networks and financing required for this task.

The list of businesses that have benefited from Fate Foundation is on the rise and I urge you to make your business one of them.

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