A Name’s Worth on Your Social Media Platform

What’s a name’s worth? This question has probably been asked over a million times; since time immemorial. So, why should one bother with asking the same old question all over again? Well, there’s a perfectly sound reason, and also an essential one at that. Businesses, especially start-ups, engaged in the trade of re-branding their products have a desperate need for asking this time-old question today, though maybe not in the precise same manner. Perhaps, “What’s the worth of a name on your social media platform?” could be one way of doing that.

Your presence on social media is thought-out as a significant consideration when it comes to branding or re-branding your products

Firstly, because what your business name actually ends up communicating to your target audience will make all the difference. And, secondly, because what’s to be required from you, particularly when you need to have ongoing interaction with other businesses or individuals, related to your social media engagements.

The name is itself of extremely high relevance for your social media interactions. It is relevant here to consider what feelings other people are going to experience while interacting with your specific brand, when looked at in social contextual terms. For instance, an exterminator would consider it a clever ploy to name his business: “The Big Scary Killing Machine”. This certainly makes a peculiar sense when seen from a peculiar angle. Yet, the number of people who would really be comfortable while interacting with such a brand as their social media choice would be extremely small. How is one to react if they found out that their spouse or teenage daughter was engaged in communications with such a dreadful personality? See the point!

Undoubtedly, your brand would need to portray the true spirit of what your business stands for and has to offer. Portraying your own individual personality or that of your business culture is an equally vital integral part of selecting a more appropriate brand name for yourself. A name that sounds helpful and friendly is more likely to attract a larger number of social media followers, as well as help you along in rapidly converting your potential prospects.Social media, facebook, twitter

What’s more, it’s important to uphold the promise your brand apparently makes. Authenticity by itself plays one of the most vital roles on sites specialising in social networking. You have to be that which is claimed by you. If a promise of any sorts whatsoever should even be somewhat vaguely implied by your brand, it becomes your absolute responsibility to stand up to it and keep fulfilling that promise on a consistent basis. You must also consistently communicate that you are aware of and fully recognise your audience’s every single need. You can do that by paying complete attention to their concerns and by ensuring that appropriate action is taken on whatever is brought to your knowledge with helpful and targeted content. If they sense your inability in helping them with their smaller needs, why would they want to put their trust in your specialized abilities when it comes to major needs?

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