Do You Need a Life Coach to Help You Set Your Goals?

The challenge before us today is to plan for a better future, which obviously a life coach can help us achieve – this is one process virtually everyone in the world goes through at some point in their lives. It literally means any form of goal setting. The desire for a brighter future is one of the reasons people go through systems, get educated, get married etc.

We all engage in this process on a daily basis, but you see, it is one process we do get wrong most times because, we begin with the wrong attitude and mindset, we end up assuming that making money is the only way to plan for a better future. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe it is good to make money in the right way, but if your future must be well planned then no aspect of life should be neglected. It then means you would also have to plan for your family, health and happiness etc.

You probably need a life coach

Life CoachNever has there been a time as this in the history of God’s earth – a time of swift information. We are in the information age, you can virtually source for just about any information from the comfort of your home via the internet. The question then is, why are people not maximizing their potential even with all these information available today? Is it that they are not smart or capable of being the best?

Nope, far from it, we are simply the principal reason for whatever situation we are in today and it all has to do with the decisions we make. If you doubt this assertion then consider this scenarios; an individual graduates from a university, did this happen overnight?

How about a man who is killed by cardiac arrest, don’t you think that he must have neglected his health for so long? You can apply this to the good and bad experiences we have had in life.

Now to answer the question why are people not maximising their potentials? It is simply as a result of one or all of the following reasons;

1. Indecision or wrong decisions

Our decisions can make or break us. One of the things I have learnt to do is to carefully make decisions, you see I am someone who makes very hasty decisions that most time work out in my favour but each time it does not, my fingers get seriously burnt. I had to start learning new decision making techniques which has really helped me but you need discipline to see this through. Therefore, in order to succeed in life, you must learn how to make decisions so as to wade off indecision and carefully analyse yours decisions.

2. Lack of Discipline

Discipline is a well known word. It is used in many aspects of our daily life. You cannot master any field of endeavour without discipline, discipline is the key to unlocking your full potentials and the fact is, only you can use that key. I urge you to begin to practise discipline in those areas of your life that needs to be revamped.

3. Goal setting

Goal setting is one of the most frequently used words on earth, when governments make a budget they have set a goal, you name it whether in business or our personal lives we all set goals. Goal setting is a good process but what is sad is that people often time fail to reach their goals, not because they don’t have good motives but simply because of point 1 and 2 above. As a kid, I remember I always used the word new year resolution, so every 1st of January, I would roll out new plans and decisions, of course I forget all about them a week later and you know why? Because I never wrote them down and there was no one to mentor or coach me through the process of not just setting goals but attaining them.

Why do you need a coach? The answer is simple; you need a Life coach to help guide you through the process of;

  1. Setting and working out your goals.
  2. Learning to make the right decisions.
  3. Teaching you the discipline you need to succeed in life.

Ultimately, the duty of a life coach is to work with you to maximise your full potential. The coaching profession is still very new here but watch out because it is one industry that thrive in the information age because a lot of people who would have issues coping in today’s fast paced world. Let me also say that the coaching profession needs to be regulated because it is prone to abuse, so be careful when dealing with a coach.

You can be the best only if you are willing. So go out there today and seek out a Life coach and plan for a brighter future.

See you at the TOP!

Do You Need a Life Coach to Help You Set Your Goals?


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