Punch Newspaper: Tips for making money on Amazon Kindle [ICT Clinic Page]

Innovation is at the heart of success in today’s highly competitive world and one man who has been at the forefront of this innovation is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com; owners of kindle – the innovative solution that I am about to throw more light on.

Recently, Bezos doled out two hundred and fifty million dollars to buy Washington Post.

One waits to see what tech innovation would come out of his promise to turn around the ailing newspaper giant. Here is the interesting part of the story: a few weeks later he sold about a million shares of Amazon.com and recouped every dime he spent on Washington Post.

Sometimes I wonder if these tech companies are not just over-priced. The most critical question for me is: how can Nigerians benefit from a behemoth like Amazon not just as buyers but also as suppliers especially on a platform like Kindle?

Kindle has caused a major shift in the way and manner people publish and access books like never before and it is a trend fast spreading across the globe. You can become a publisher or an author for next to nothing. Not only that, you can now access books easily either at no cost or for as little as $2.

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