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The concept of Leadership is about Team Inspiration

It is the explicit role of leaders, to keep on showing appreciation while asking for feedback from their team, or followers.

The success of your organisation is much dependent on your ability to hold communication with your team members.

Having that ability to rightly communicate with your team can, surely, prove inspiring to your employee.

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Providing them the drive to energise their morale, to be committed and effective at work.

Having knowledge of the right kind of words, however, does not sometimes come that easy.

I would be sharing some important leadership concepts things that leaders ought to voice out to their team members, to help them stay on track.

Knowing what to say, to trigger this kind of response is, however, not always easy.

Allowing shared thought

Leaders are good speakers but they are, also, meant to be great listeners.

Often times, leaders talk too much and they do not care to listen to voices that appear lower than their position.

With this type of approach, the leader creates a damaging culture around the team and this would not mean well for the business, in the long run.

Leaders should rather, make available a safe atmosphere for their team to encourage them, so as not to hold back valuable opinions for the organisation.

As a continuous action, people in leadership positions ought to seek the thoughts and ideas of the team.

Appreciate your team

That little appreciation, which you consider not important, might just go a long way for your team members.

As a successful entrepreneur, looking back, you would realise that, you got some support from people around you and they really deserve to get that due appreciation.

When you show appreciation, you are telling your members that they are not just working for you, but with you.

Admit you don’t know

Some may consider this as a sign of weakness, but in reality, it is not.

This is just one of the best things you can do for your team.

This tend to bring a collaboration that leads to a quick solution to the challenge in question.

Your employees are empowered and they tend to be proactive because they saw your genuineness and they would not like the company to go down.

As a leader, you do not have to pretend that you are knowledgeable, when actually you do not have all the answers.

Improving on their performance

Asides showing appreciation to your team members after a job well done, as a leader it is in your position to show them that there is always room for improvement.

When you inflate their ego with your appreciation, make them also realise their shortcomings so that you keep everything balanced.

Ask them what can make their life easier

You can easily say to an employee, “thank you”, or provide necessary tools to make their job productive.

This appears good, but how often do you ask them about their other part of life.

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Asking this question will make them open up to you and who knows, your advice or opinion might just be the solution they require for the challenge.

What are your employees’ interests?

People in leadership positions would need to be genuinely concerned about what motivates his, or her team members.

Getting to know their goals, shows that they are valued by the leader.

With this genuine concern, your team members feel a sense of empowerment and take the necessary steps to take the company to the next level.

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