Technology can Stop Corruption – Case Study of the leaked Ekiti State Audio

Corruption in Nigeria has become worse than a canker worm and it has eaten so deeply into the very fabric of our existence. How can this country advance in a just way with the level of corruption and impunity in the system? The truth is that insecurity is massively on the increase – what do you expect? A hungry man is an angry man!

Listening to the audio clip titled “Minister Obanikoro, Senator Omisore, Gov. Fayose And Brig. General Momoh: The Ekiti Guber Story Reveals How Nigerian Elections Are Rigged” which was published on Soundcloud by Sahara Reporters made really, really sad. Sad because a group of people simply seat down and decide the fate of the people in a way that proves they are in it to plunder state resources.

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No wonder why almost all public officials in Nigeria will strip off your mobile devices whenever you go to see them even for official matters. I knew this was normal with the President and Governors but I was shocked to know that even local government Chairmen will subject you to the same humiliation just because you want to see them.

Again, technology has once again proven to be one way out of this terrible mess we are in and listening to this audio alone just proves that fact. We need fearless Nigerians to begin to apply and make the most of technology like the brave Captain Sagir Koli who released this audio of shameless, corrupt leaders coveting power by all means.

I have good news for them, technology is getting smaller, recorders that look like buttons or something unassumingly tiny are now available so we should expect more damning revelations like this in the future. They can seize all the phones and devices they can see but there are so many unseen devices that will testify against them

Remember the adage, “walls have ears and can hear.”

My concluding thoughts to Nigerians would be that we should all work collectively towards making use of technology to change our country and getting rid of criminal officials who exist to steal state resources.

Yesterday, I announced the launch of a new mobile app called Citizens Ballot Watch – this is one app every right thinking Nigerian voter should have handy as we move towards election proper. It is wise to vote for the candidate of your choice but it is wiser to defend that vote in a smart, non-violent way.

I believe Technology can be used to fight corruption. Yes, I believe!

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