Tech on wheels, Family Love FM

Something Big to Hit Nigeria’s Airwaves This July

Hold onto your hats good Nigerian folks. This July, a big wheel will be rolling out Family Love FM Radio Network studios into airwaves across Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Umuahia and their environs. This wheel will see award-winning tech and media personality, CFA, come to Family Love FM for a unique, highly educative, yet entertaining 15-minutes tech radio show

Tech on Wheels will air every Wednesday beginning 1st July and will dish out the coolest digital tips, unique tech-related Safety Alerts and Everything Tech you should know

The show will inspire, uplift and entertain listeners by taking on the latest in the world of technology and discussing how productivity at home, school and business can be greatly enhanced by leveraging on technology. Family Love FM believes that this is not only innovative, but also genuinely refreshing with a unique brand of insight and knowledge that the nation truly needs for development and prosperity.

Kick off your July with some of the most inspiring, educative and entertaining tech stories from all over the world by tuning in every Wednesday at:

  •   5.15-5.30 pm on 97.7 Love FM Port Harcourt
  •   6:30-6:45 pm on 104.5 Love FM Abuja
  •   7:30-7:45 pm on 103.9 Love FM Umuahia

Tech on Wheels is a radio show you just can’t afford to miss; that’s why all episodes will be posted to