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Some Lessons I learnt during the Lockdown

You must have probably heard of the phrase, the “new normal”, obviously different from the “normal” that most people used to know.

In the new normal, the way we run our lives would be different, from how we ran it, pre-COVID-19; physical distancing in social gatherings, remote working for most organisations, conducting meetings over video conferencing.

The normal that people would have wanted, is to return to their normal lives, pre-COVID-19, where interactions were one in close proximity.

Moving on, however, things might not be the same again, owing to the ravaging effects, of the Coronavirus.

I, however, seem to have a different view on things going back to normal.

I had preferred a situation, where all of us move on, rather than backward.

We can take a lot of lessons from this halt that the pandemic has laid on the entire globe.

We could as well make use of them, with the intention of making out a brighter future.

Well, as life begins to return, gradually to “normal”, why not reflect on the things learnt, during the period of the lockdown and commit yourself to make positive changes, moving forward.

I have learnt a few lessons, especially, on how things can be done differently, moving forward.

Showing kindness first

During the total lockdown, I was highly impressed with the simple acts of kindness, from people, especially, strangers.

People who never knew one another, showed lots of love, via the internet, with giveaways that would at least result, in cushioning the effects of the lockdown on people, who could not afford the luxury of food items.

When your focus is on doing good, taking the focus off yourself to others, your challenges appears to matter less to you.

The act of kindness is not just about handing out useful items, or passing compliments.

Speaking up for the oppressed, in the face of injustice, thus, promoting change, is, also, a great act of kindness.

Why not make it a habit to be kind. You never know who such acts would touch in times like this.

At every point in life, try to be generous.

What actually matters

Ever since the lockdown, many parents have spent ample time with their children and other members of their family.

Why this sudden family reunion? Of course, the pandemic led to it.

I have always been a journeyman, but the pandemic has given me a ‘quarantine gift’, in the last 3 months.

You would find out that, Life is beyond money or work.

At the end of it all, what matters most is the relationship with our family members and our friends.

As things would be returning to normal, ensure that you devote your time to what really matters.

Spend time with your family and loved ones. Neglect things that appear not to be a priority.

Get intentional, with your relationship. Invest enough time in them.

As we gradually gather our lives back to normal, it would be quite good, if we can get intentional about spending more time with what actually matters.

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You have control on how you spend your time

I’m too busy to do this,” or “I wish I had the time to do that”.

These phrases have become part of our lives, especially, for those who are glued to their office work and spend less time at home.

During the lockdown, however, most people found time, which seemed to be never available.

Time to reflect on relationship with your family and also time to plan.

As life may now return to the old normal, it is very important, not to give up all the engagement we had, during the intense lockdown.

You now have to be intentional about it, as you have the ability to make decisions in the essential areas of your life. You are responsible for your relationship and your happiness.


The only certainty is uncertainty. Change is always inevitable, it will come sooner, or later.

COVID-19 has come, unexpectedly, changing the way some businesses will be operated.

One must always be ready for eventualities, in times like this and change should not be resisted, but rather embraced.

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