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Are you ready for the digital media revolution?

The Writer’s Guide to Making Money Self-publishing via Digital Media

There is so much to do in this world of digital media technology than one can get excited just thinking about it. Starting an online business is easy these days, all you need is a little guidance and you are set-up.

digital media

Are you ready for the digital media revolution?

You could decide to become an affiliate marketer or a website designer, or even a website retailer (yes, there ARE people who deal solely in buying and selling websites). Whatever the case, you will definitely find a lot of people who have already blazed that trail.

Yes, that’s pretty much it about the digital media business. One thing though, it is always wise and advisable to begin your online business on a small-scale before expanding.

When it comes to online writing, a lot of questions arise. Some people even wonder whether monetizing writing skills is even possible or a myth. Truth is, it is possible to write in the digital media world and make money in the process. You could start slowly and gradually pick up the best moves as you go. On the other hand, you could just decide to read this guide and set yourself straight early. After all, what’s the fun in making all the mistakes when someone already made them?

If you are just beginning your small business or have been managing one for some time, you may just need to take advantage of the leverage having an online presence offers you. Luckily, CFA Leverage (one of Nigeria’s leading digital media consultants) is available to help your business with the gain an online audience. We use a combination of SEO processes and information marketing to give you that leverage.

However, this post is specifically for people who have already begun writing and are experiencing slow growth – or at least growth that is slower than they would have expected. If you are just beginning to learn the art of writing, you may want to read this article on becoming a freelance writer.

Here are some tips that have proven effective for when you want to monetize your writing experience via Digital Media:

1. Be Specific in Your Niche

Ah, yes. Remember that saying “Jack of all trades, master of none?”.

Exactly. It applies a lot to your writing career as well. The best and most successful e-writers have had this going for them: they pretty much stick to one niche. Allow yourself to gain professionalism in one niche, please. Your online readers and reviewers will grow, since they can easily associate you to a specific niche. As an example, you could publish works related to freelance writing, affiliate marketing, SEM and SEO campaigns. These are all related, and it counts as sticking in one niche.

2. Become An Authority by Writing What you Know

Top e-book writers and top bloggers have boosted their paychecks simply by writing on stuff they know about. It’s a very simple flow chart, really: you write about things that you know and people read to know these things. You are trading your knowledge for money.

Of course, at this point, you might go into panic mode with the thought that you do not really know anything that nobody else knows. You’d be surprised. The little things you know that most other people do not know are what make you the authority in that niche. As an example, some person somewhere might be wondering just how he/she might be able to upload a youtube video online. This is where you, the digital media expert writer, come in. If you’ve already written an easy tutorial online on how to upload the said video, you satisfy an unwitting customer, and BAM, payday for you.

This is merely an example, you know. There are a lot you already know, so tap into the digital marketing revolution today and earn for that knowledge.

3. The Pull-Out Technique in Writing for Digital Media

This is a technique that comes in handy for the e-book publisher. When you see a lot of publishers testifying to their publishing 100 e books in a single year (or a couple of months, even), they often have made use of the e-book pull-out technique.

How does this work? Rather than publish one large e-book and get a one-time payment on it, you could actually “pull out” a couple of sections from the e-book, thus breaking the bigger e-book into several “mini e-books” which you can sell to make more money than you ordinarily would have made if you had sold the original, compact e-book! Swell idea, right?

4. Write, Write, Write!

This is probably the invaluable technique. If you wish to make money as a self-published eBook writer, you will have to write. A lot. The e-book pull-out method will go a long way to set you up on that path, but you will need to be a prolific writer as well. The more you write, the more you are putting your name out there and the better your chances of being read. It’s all in the statistics!digital revolution

You might be wondering at this point: just how much can I possibly earn from writing. Well, let’s just say that if you are prolific enough, you could be earning a minimum of $5000, easy. It’s the law of proportion at work here. If you have only one eBook available online, when a “customer” buys it and reads it, well, that is all. You make a couple of cents to a dollar and the trail ends there. But if you have a book series and someone happens to read book one, he/she may just be fascinated enough to read all off book one through to book ten! (Assuming, of course, that it is a ten book series). Thus, by writing prolifically, your digital media would have earned you ten times what you would have earned, had you had only one book published.

I am writing a book and a workbook which will teach and help small businesses in leveraging the internet for improving their profitability. Be on the lookout for this, please.

5. Use More Than Digital Media Publishing Option

It is also a great idea to publish using more than one digital media publishing house. Some of the really great ones out there include, Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Clickbank. This is in addition to the possible e-book sales you might be getting off your own website. This allows your income to come from several sources and converge at a final point – your bank account.

Writing for digital media is a great idea. While it makes for a great hobby, it also makes for a great means of making money. There are a lot of writers who have successfully retired on the income streams they made from their self-published writings. This can, however, only happen if they do not fall victim of vanity press.

An option open to you in projecting books written by you, is to Hire a Book Publicist.

Heading out to Accra Ghana, in the days ahead to speak at the IT Leaders West African summit.

Do you have any other experiences you would love to share? Feel free to leave a comment!

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