Saving the Nigerian Nation

We’ve got to save the Nigerian Nation.

As a young Nigerian I am sometimes filled with so much anger when I analyze the way and manner our national wealth is being plundered. Excerpts from a recent article I read on Sahara Reporters credited to foremost Constitutional lawyer, Prof. Itse Sagay;

“A legislator in Nigeria earns more than the US President, Obama, who earns $400,000 P. A. and British Prime Minister, 190,000 pounds, while a senator in Nigeria, one of the poorest countries in the world, earns $1.7 million”.

Nigerian Nation
Nigerian Nation

How can anyone in his or her right senses say things will be alright with this level of criminality? If we want things to be alright then we have to put an end to this sort of wasteful system – a lot of folks see leadership as an opportunity for self enrichment. Yet, they never get tired of amassing wealth which points to one fact; it takes more than money to lead a totally happy life.

I believe things can change but only if we change and do what is needful.

The Nigerian Nation is dying and needs to be saved urgently, are you willing to take up the challenge? I don’t believe in violence because “two wrongs will never make a right“. One sure way of playing the hero role of saving the Nigerian nation is to make your vote count – register to vote. 2011 is just around the corner, we have to elect the right guys into leadership positions. I believe truth will prevail at all times but what is truth, if we don’t do what is right?

Personally, I am going to register to vote this time around after neglecting my civic responsibility for a while. We are part of the problem as well as solution. I am committed to the vision of a new Nigeria because we have no other place to call home. Fellow Nigeria, are you up for the challenge?

All hands must be on deck to save the Nigerian Nation.

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