Is It Right or Wrong To Have a Tattoo?

One of the things about America is its well laid out strategy of influencing the world to adopt its culture and ideologies. Of course, certain countries keep fighting the American style of doing stuff, but the reality is that the Americans have infiltrated and caught the attention of their young ones.

That said, the Americans are probably not the first to start using some sort of signs on their body. It is a norm in certain parts of Africa and Asia, but the American society has totally made it funky, trendy and almost like something everyone should do.

Although, I do not have any statistics, but I see that more and more Americans are at ease with tattoos on their bodies. I met a lot of Americans who had one form of tattoo or the other on their bodies, which points to the fact that it is more or less the norm in parts of America.

The more tattoos I saw, the more I ask myself if it is right or wrong to have one?

This post is not, however, about judging anyone, but I know that the Bible clearly warns against this sort of practices which, I believe, should be avoided.

Why would you honestly want to do stuff to your body just because everyone is doing it? I know, and I have seen quite a number of people with the tattoo Jesus or the sign of the Cross, which makes those who don tattoos attempt to justify or find reasons for having a tattoo. I must, however, remind these set of people the clear admonition about their body being the temple of the God.

What should one, then, do if one already has a tattoo?

Well, I will say live with it and ask God for his mercy and grace because, 10 to 20 years from now, you might wish you never drew any permanent stuff on your body!

What advice for those planning to have one?

I will say do not do it except you have limited ambition in your life because, I have observed that even in the American society, certain kinds of jobs do not welcome folks with tattoos. Even when those workers do have one, it is hidden from the Management.

At the end of the day, it is your decision. Mine is to share my thoughts and hope someone out there will be guided by the small still voice of God.

Have a good time folks!