4 Examples of How I have Maximized the Power of the Internet

The beauty of the Internet is that anyone and I mean just about anyone can become whatever they hope to be. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the “anyone” that has made and is still making a head out of the complex world of the Internet.

In the last 3 years, I have used the Internet to achieve a number of feats and I thought I share just 4 of them.

4 Ways I have Used the Power of the Internet profitably

Yes, I have used the Internet profitably and I am still doing it. Lately, our team launched a video blog by CFA Nigeria as part of our plans to further profit from the internet.

I encourage you to also find ways to profit from the Internet.

1. New Friends

Personally, I have made use of the Power of the Internet to make new friends from across the world – from India to Belarus, from Serbia to Bahrain, from USA to Portugal etc. If I step into any of these countries today, I am sure to have somewhere I can safely call home.

2. Natureline Solutions

This is a Canadian based company that I met on the Internet through my friend and mentor, Robert Butwin. What started like a joke, in no time became a reality.

Although, we have had a number of challenges running the business here, what I learnt from this experience is that the opportunities online are limitless.

3. SME Toolkit / YouWin Facilitation

The Internet also gave me the opportunity to speak at the 2nd SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference as well as the YouWin (youth initiative) by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

I have since then had a cordial relationship with the team at the Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan African University.

Again, the power of the internet in action!

4. CFA Brand

I have watched to brand CFA Nigeria become more popular as days go buy. We have partners willing to work with us under the brand name and it’s only a matter of time before the results are made manifest.

The underlying strength of the brand is the mantra Conditioned for Accomplishments so it’s not about me.

The lesson here is that I turned a bad situation i.e. loss in business to good story i.e. creating the CFA brand via the Internet.

I encourage individuals and small business owners out there to make the most of the Internet.

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