Celebrating yet another Birthday

Now 35, then what? ….Just gonna enjoy my birthday?

I have noticed that many people like to be secretive about their age for a number of reasons apart from those who just do it for the sake of staying private, most other reasons are the wrong reasons IMO. Well, I am not secretive about it so thank God. Well, today I hit the mid 30s mark and gradually edging towards the 40 mark – wow! I can’t wait to be 40 because I believe that so much would have been achieved for God, my Nation and family by then.

CFA on air
Meet Dj CFA 🙂 in my dreams….. I took this selfie while on my ICT radio show!

Well in the last couple of years, I have made it a point of duty to publish a post on my birthday just to appreciate God’s goodness and sort of give a progress report. In 2010, I published Happy Birthday to CFA, 2012 was July 10th is a Special Day for Me, 2013 was Celebrating yet another Birthday and I just published If I were 22 (*35), I’d create a Vision Board on LinkedIn (please go read it and share as well).

Well now that I have progressed further, what’s next? The reality is that I am beginning to see myself less and less as a youth and more and more as an adult despite the fact that some old foxes in Nigeria claim to be youths or youth leaders at 50+ 🙂 isn’t that laughable?

So, what’s next for me in terms of my spirituality, goals, business, finance, career including this blog, family, projects, community service etc.?

One thing is clear and certain for me; it’s time to set bigger and more daring goals. Some of my earlier goals included becoming a highly sort after speaker, an author, turning my brand into a sellable product, earning 5-6 figures per training or speaking engagement etc. most of which has been attained even though I am still largely work in progress. My vision board will now include newer goals that will herald me into my 40th birthday, if Jesus tarries!

Right now, I am investing heavily into personal development, becoming a better communicator, learning new skills and building capacity – so watch out for a much older and different kind of CFA over the next 5 years! But for now, its my birthday and I am just gonna celebrate and have a blast to God’s glory but I’d also take the time to plan further.

Hmmmnnnnnn, how time flies? I remember celebrating my 21st birthday, I also remember getting married at 26 and now I am 35 just like yesterday……………………. Thank you Lord!!!

So by the time you see this article then know for sure that I would have received over a thousand greetings via various platforms for real especially Facebook and LinkedIn (connect with me). I appreciate everyone out there who has spared a moment to call, send a sms, drop a line on social media or even pinged me on BBM or Whatsapp – you’re all highly appreciated. 1 luv for real!!!

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