Motivation; A key in Achieving Better Results for Your Team

What makes the difference, between success and failure, is how great a team really is. One of the ways you can build a great company and achieve great success is to build a great team through motivation.

No matter how skilled or talented you are, your result depends on your ability to build and inspire your team, to achieve the common goal.

According to Jordan Michael, “talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

The power of teamwork cannot be overemphasized, in the building and growth of any organization, hence, the daily motivation of your team will help produce the desired results, in an organization.

A successful leader must, however, understand that, when running a business, the team is the biggest asset and resources, to thrive in the market world and stand out among other competitors.

Here are some ways, in which, you can positively steer your team, to give you the desired result:

Clarity of vision: Tell your team members about your vision. Your team should be aware of your, goals and how you intend to achieve them.

Never put them in the dark. Give them all the information they need, to enable them to work effectively.

Communication: Make sure that, there is constant communication, between you and your employees. You are not, only to ask about the progress of their work, but you should also listen to their ideas, opinions, and feedbacks.

Make sure that, you are approachable, for your employees to walk up to you and discuss with you anytime, while you, also, respond with humility.

Provide Opportunities for Development: Team members feel more active if they are given opportunities to grow their skills. The training should be given to each employee, according to their strength and needs.

Encourage them to set themselves learning goals, as they learn to grow their capacity.

Appreciate your team: Appreciating the members of your team, will give them a sense of belonging and achievement, as well as, give them this assurance that, they are working towards the company’s goals.

Appreciate them in every task that you give to them, which, they execute well. Be specific in your appreciation.

Tell them why you are grateful and what it is, that they did well, which has helped, or, benefited the company.

A healthy working environment: Create a space, where your employees can enjoy working and where they can enjoy spending their time.

Be conscious of noise, air quality, privacy, where they can relax in natural light.

Motivation is essential, in any workplace. This keeps your employees happy to work effectively, efficiently and actively, towards the success and growth of your company.

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