6 Lessons from Dana Air Crash

May the souls of all the departed rest in peace, Amen!

Human beings have a way of adjusting, no matter the situation. The sad experience of June 3rd, 2012 was one bitter one that many Nigerians will not forget in a hurry. Personally, I was devastated because going by the reports this was completely avoidable.

Quite honestly, it is a sad experience to lose over 153 people in a single day. What more can I say other than to keep praying for the families of  Tosin Anibaba, Charles Ntuko, Chris Okocha and all others who perished in the ill-fated Dana airline?

Tosin Anibaba, Charles Ntuko, Chris Okocha
May your Souls rest in peace, Amen!
CFA's response to Tosin Anibaba SMS 2 days before the crash
I wished her Godspeed……. not knowing it was for real….

Recently, I was at FATE Foundation to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to leverage the Internet, I spoke on SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, SMS and BBM Marketing etc. I had a chance to pass by the desk that Tosin Anibaba used to occupy…. boy was I sad? It happened that her husband came around to pick up some of her belongings that same day – I had to pause and encourage him.

Tosin Anibaba sent me an SMS 2 days before the plane crash and ended with the words; “will sort it out by next week” BUT next week never came.

Tosin Anibaba's SMS to CFA
Tosin Anibaba sent this text message to me 2 days before the crash

In the same vein, about a week earlier, Charles Ntuko also sent me a BBM chat that we should meet somewhere at Ikeja. We had a brainstorming session and he poured out his heart to me especially about his plans and asked me how the Internet can help him achieve his goals? We had a great time together and Charles said we would continue when he comes back but the opportunity never came.

Recently, I received a BBM message titled “Deep Lessons from Dana Air Crash” and I thought I share it here;

1. Death has no emotion.

My friend had little children that needed their mother to grow up. An only child perished with her mother. An entire family was wiped away. The victims had no chance to say goodbye to loved ones. Therefore, stop procrastinating, be generous with your love!

2. Every new day is a gift, not a right.

A colleague was scheduled for that flight but was too tired to go. He’s going to collect his refund today. Therefore, take a break when you need it because you do.

3. Death is not negotiable.

Your career might not be guaranteed but your funeral is. So, live your best life in the now. Do good, and be kind to people.

4. The best gift from God to Man is family and good friends.

Colleagues are working on their desks now but family members have been at the mortuary, waiting for the bodies or any part that was recovered. Therefore, nurture your family and friends – they are all you’ll be left with when it all ends.

5. Be mindful of where you will spend eternity.

One friend had an evening service he didn’t want to miss, so he asked the others to excuse him that he would join them Monday morning. There

Charles Ntuko's BBM Chat to me
Charles Ntuko sent this to CFA, they had a brainstorming sessions on the 24th, Charles said he was travelling the next day, 25th and scheduled the next meeting after his return………… that opportunity never came!

were rich and brilliant people on the ill-fated Dana plane but as it started to descend, the last thing that would have been on their minds was not their bank accounts, certificates or real estates in Asokoro, Dubai or the UK.

So, live your life in the light of eternity,” for man shall not live by bread, money or career alone”. “What shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?”

6.What will you leave behind?

What will you be remembered for? Their loved ones were only left with one thing.. Its not even their bodies because that too would be buried. All they have left with their families are memories.

What memories would you leave for your family?

Thank God everything seems to be normal again, people are flying and I have no doubts that it is probably business as usual even in the troubled aviation sector……… what is most important is that you learn the lessons because it could have been anybody.

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