Lessons from a Job Scam Experience – Be Informed!

Success has more friends than enemies unlike failure, human beings therefore prefer to hide failures while flaunting successes. This is indeed a painful experience for me and I consider it a failure on my part based on the fact that I am a leader and people look up to me for a number of reasons, I should therefore be extremely careful about the kind of stuff I endorse.

First and foremost, let me state that I am a sharp guy in many ways; firstly because of the sort of wisdom and grace God has given me and secondly because I was born and bred in downtown Lagos otherwise called No Man’s Land (apologies to indigenes who totally disagree with that phrase).

….the Genesis

I only just settled down to start the day’s work when a call came in from 09033968824 (I am not exactly sure what network this is but the guy also called from a Globacom line: 08078121057), usually I don’t pick calls coming from my public number at that time of the day but I decided to take the call….. The guy on the other end of the phone and myself got talking and mid-way into the conversation he asked if I had people who wanted jobs and I said yes! He requested for their names and other details. It is very unlike me not to have detected early enough that there was something fishy about this whole arrangement and I foolishly fell mugu (local slang meaning fall for a scam) by actually connecting a few people to the guy – which was a big mistake. 

The Lucky Chap

One of the guys I informed was lucky simply because he was wise and carried me along every step of the way. I came back to my senses when he called to inform me that the crook on the other end gave him a private account number shown below to pay into and at that point I became aware this was nothing but a scam. Here is a screenshot of the Zenith Bank Account Details sent to the guy:

Name: Mrs. Ifeyiwa Jessica Obi

Number: 20840337291

I hope this will motivate the guys at Zenith Bank enough to place this account number on immediate suspension and beginning the process of investigation right away. I am going to do my best to see that this particular account is not used to defraud anyone again.

 The Unlucky Chapsscam sms 2

There were two unlucky chaps who did not deem it wise to carry me along and each of them paid the sum of N50,000 and N20,500 respectively into an Eco Bank Plc account without informing me in anyway.

Account Name: Dr. Mrs. Cynthia Dim O.

Account Number: 4341029509

Ecobank Plc this is to gladly inform you and your management that this particular account is being used to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians.

Next Steps

  1. Contact both Zenith and Eco Banks informing them about these fraudulent accounts.
  2. Contact Globacom and Etisalat to do away with the lines.
  3. Inform relevant security agencies so they can be aware of these subtle strategies used in defrauding unsuspecting Nigerians.

I only hope someone with all these bodies involved will take this up and carry out a thorough investigation because these guys are so easy to trace either through the GSM lines used or actual bank accounts. A detailed scan through their call and transaction histories will reveal a whole lot, they are not as smart as they seem. There is always a let out!!!

 Huge Lessons

  1. If it is too good to be true then it isn’t. This long time adage still holds true – what in the world was I thinking?
  2. Always pause before making any major decisions; I made a rather hasty decision to get others involved – I wish I slowed down a bit when the call first came through.
  3. Excitement sometime works against us in decision making, I was pretty excited because of certain giant strides and that also played a role in my jumping at it without thinking deeply.
  4. Job seekers are generally desperate, so they easily fall prey. The immigration emplyment saga is still fresh in our minds so please lets always tell them to tread carefully.
  5. The smartest kid on the block can fall prey to cheap scams as this, if he lets down his or her guard. I like the way Apostle Paul puts it; Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. – 1 Corinthians 10:12

This is indeed a learning experience for me, the easiest and most comfortable thing to have done is to keep quiet and not blog about it but who knows how many people have fallen victim to this scam in the past and how many more will fall in the future.

The other positive aspect of this experience is that this may be the end of the road for them who knows. God may have ordained it that a day will come that they will mess with the wrong dude who would take action, the way others have never done. Let’s see how it goes from now on. I assure them that all the instruments used above will all be destroyed for good – I’d ensure I achieve that.

One last word for the Government and other stakeholders; the only way to truly grow the Nigerian economy is by creating more jobs otherwise we should prepare for the danger ahead. An army of unemployed youths is an army that can be easily manipulated!!!

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