We Appreciate your Support when Justhost.com Suspended our Hosting Account

It is on record that Justhost.com suspended CFAgbata.com (aka CFA Nigeria) on the 19th of January, 2012, few days after I returned from the burial of my kid sister who died late last year.

I stayed in my hometown for well over 4 weeks, to help the recovery process, only to be greeted with a Justhost.com account suspension a few days after I returned to Lagos;


Boy, was I frustrated with Justhost.com? You bet I was.

I wondered who I had offended or who was after me? 🙂 I had to go to God in prayers for this blog, sounds funny, right? Well I did and God answered my prayers.

I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank everyone (including tools) that played a role during this period.

1. To God Almighty for his mercies, grace and love. My Creator and master made a way where there seemed to be no way because at a point it appeared like close to 3 years of hard labour would be lost due to Justhost.com attitude.

Trust me, Justhost.com acted like they were under some sort of spell.

Lesson: God cares about those little things that concern you, if only you talk to Him.

2. To Edwin Edebiri, my friend and mentor for giving Justhost.com a call and informing them that I have fundamental rights as a customer.

To show you that at a point I got confused and angry, here is a conversation I had with Edwin:


Edwin encouraged me not to give up and I am glad I did not. Nigeria has a great son in him and this blog will be hosting him in the days ahead.

Lesson: Surround yourself with quality people.

3. To Joe Oye, for his words of wisdom and support. Our relationship is the beauty of the internet, he found me via Google and since then we have become good partners.

Lesson: Use the internet to create lasting relationships.

4. To our friends, partners and subscribers too numerous to mention who contacted us one way or the other about the development. We appreciate you all.

5. To cPanel hosting backend. This is my recommended backend if you must host a website. I recommend Inmotion Hosting because they are simply great!

God made a way for me to get our files via cPanel in a most unusual way when Justhost.com will not release them.

6. To WordPress. The best and most innovate CMS as far as I am concerned. This platform made the transition to our new home easier!

7. WordPress Plugins. With wordpress comes millions of great plugins especially the free backup plugin.

I’ll write about my experience with Justhost.com so as to help folks out there make informed decisions when choosing a host.

Who is your favourite host and why? Have you had any experience with Justhost.com?

Note: Justhost.com is a terrible hosting company, I don’t recommend them!