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Join us in the Ten Days of Happiness Event.

Have you ever come across 10 ways to be Happy on this blog?

The guy behind iis inviting you to unique event called10 Days of Happiness.

This initiative is designed to help individuals develop sustainable happiness while making the world a better place.

Tired of the negative messages about the economy, the recession and other doom and gloom coming from the media? Well, now you can do something about it; you can focus on the good things in your life and the community while working to make improvements. The “I Am happy Project,” the brainchild of Edwin Edebiri (a Nigerian-American), popular called the Chief Happiness Officer based in Corning, California, is inviting people worldwide to participate in a “10 Days of Happiness” campaign which will run from February 1.

Happiness is your right so grab any opportunity to be happy

Participants are encouraged to join the Global happiness Conference Call at 4 pm pacific or 7pm eastern to focus on one of the project’s manifesto “Ten Ways to Be happy ” for each day of the ten-day period.

There will be different speakers feature on each day of this happiness event:

Day 1: Happiness Item # 10 Create a goal or dream list and work diligently towards them.

Day 2: Item # 9 Be active and make healthy choices.

Day 3: Item # 8 Learn to manage your time and your money.

Day 4: Item # 7 Create a list of all the things that make you unhappy and find a solution or ways to eliminate them.

Day 5: Item # 6 Create a list of all the things you are thankful for or that make you happy.

Day 6: Item # 5 Make time for the 3 F’s: Faith, Family & Friends.

Day 7: Item # 4 Donate your money according to your pocket, even if it is a dime.

Day 8: Item # 3 Volunteer your time one on one or to a group.

Day 9: Item # 2 Smile more and learn to laugh at yourself.

Day 10: Item # 1 Decide to be happy and make it your top priority.

Join us each day at 4pm pacific or 7pm east coast time. Please adjust for your time zone. Click here to convert to your time zone.

Call in number is (712) 432-0900 access code is 391022 or via skype.

Skype Instructions

To join the conference calls using Skype, first add “freeconferencing.7124320900” to your contacts. Please do that now. At the schedule date and time of conference call, select the contact and click call. Next, you will locate the key pad and enter the access code 391022 when prompted.

If you cannot join the live call or miss one or a few days, come back a few days after the period and click on the resources tab and global happiness conference call sub tab for all the recordings day by day.

About the happiness foundation

The I Am Happy Project is a registered non-profit organization with over 8,000 Happy People in 56 cities and 16 countries.

Our Mission: “To spread happiness globally, one person at a time”

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