Goodbye to Google Reader, Sign-up to my email list today!

Let me start by appreciating every single subscriber and visitor who has made this blog a reality – thank you for visiting this blog every now and then. I’ll like to ask whether you have already signed-up to my list via email or are you one of those who access this site through Google Reader?

The purpose of my post today is to let you know that Google Reader will be shut down by Google in the next few days and I would not like you to miss any of my life changing (future) posts. What I would like you to do now is enter your details in the form above so that you can join the list of those who receive all my updates. I honestly don’t want to lose any subscriber.

Google Reader is one of the most used Internet tool for anyone who calls himself an Internet consultant or online marketer, but come July 1st that will be no more. How sad! What this experience means for me is that I have to be very careful when I think about using any Google service. I use a number of their services and this simply means that going forward I have to start thinking of alternatives just in case they decide to kill that product. I remember when Google Drive was launched, I loved it due to the bigger Gigabytes it offered.

This is a very sad development not just for me but for millions of Google Reader users out there, it has been really helpful for those who need to follow multiple blogs and websites. Google is a great company in my opinion but I am getting weary of the company because they are fond of suddenly killing products that people have come to love.

So, to every internet marketer out there, my suggestion and my advice “don’t be evil, be careful with big G” because you never can tell, Google might wake up and kill the product(s) that you have come to rely on so dearly. So for me my new stance and position is, if the product is good, I’m ready to pay for it and use it rather than rely on free Google products that gets killed tomorrow but the good news is that a lot of companies have taken up that challenge to build a better reader for internet users and top of the company is DIGGGoodbye to Google Reader, Sign-up to my email list today!

DIGG has promised to give us what they calls the best and the most interactive RSS reader tool on the planet today and I can’t wait for it. On the model of the business, well they are looking at making it a freemium model but also with a paid version. Let me also introduce to another reader known as Feedly – I am presently trying this out and it seems a good replacement for google reader! Now lets stop this idea that everything on the internet is going to be free, everything cannot be free. If you are using a good product that is free today. Find a way to upgrade so that the company can sustain it.

Today, I use a premium LinkedIn account (add me on Linkedin) because I love this social network with a passion and I also want to support them to grow and keep innovating. Note that if we keep up with this idea of free stuff for everything on the internet, then I assure that we can only just but kill the Internet. So if you are out there and using a product that is good, I suggest you pay and contribute to the growth of the company. Remember, Google Reader will be off soon and I want you to please register by entering your details in the form above, so that you will always hear from the CFAgbata team.

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